What tropical fish Go with goldfish?

How long can tropical fish and goldfish go without food for?

If you’re going out of town for a day or even two days, your fish will survive without food. You certainly should not leave your fish extra food in their home with one exception.

Several companies make food blocks, which are also called vacation blocks, banquet blocks, etc. They are made of Plaster-of-Paris mixed with bits of fish food. As the Plaster-of-Paris dissolves in the water the fish can bite on the exposed pieces of food. Goldfish, Plecostomus, Algae Eaters, Sharks, and Crabs swarm around these food blocks.

Another alternative is to buy a piece of equipment called an Automatic Fish Feeder, which contains a timer that you set to feed your fish several times a day.

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Goldfish and huge tanks

by I-have-a-dog

Contrary to popular opinion, goldfish really *do* require HUGE tanks. An adult goldfish, when PROPERLY cared for, should be around 8 inches long.
People who put goldfish in those so-called goldfish bowls are trying to raise kittens in a shoebox. It's cruel and inhuman.
Tropical fish (especially small schooling fish) do much better in small (5-10gallon) tanks.
Anabantids (like paradise fish and bettas, and even some gouramis) can be keep even in smaller tanks.

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Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium
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