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Goldfish Breeding

All goldfish whatever they look like belong to the Carassius auratus family. Before you can start to breed them it is first necessary to ascertain their gender. However this can only be done accurately when they are in a spawning condition. The abdomen of the female becomes fuller and heavier. The changes in the male of the species are clearer and easier to spot. They develop "breeding tubercles", on the gill operculum, and along the front rays of their pectoral fin, and sometimes on the head. These "breeding tubercles", are a white pimple, roughly the size of a pin head. Goldfish mature for breeding at the age of one, but normally they are difficult to sex until they become longer than 8cm, they are in their prime at three years.

Many professional breeders advocate that the fish should be kept in separate tanks before breeding, but obviously this cannot de done before they are sexed. Often breeding is triggered by a change in the temperature of the water. They are actually capable of breeding when the temperature of the water is between 10-26ºC, but the optimum temperature is 20ºC. To achieve this optimum range you can wait for warmer weather or you can raise the temperature of the water in the tank by 2ºC, as it is the change in the temperature of the water which induces the fish to spawn. Goldfish are more likely to spawn in the early morning light.

A slightly higher ratio of males to females also increases your chances of breeding; most people have three males to two females. However remember that goldfish do not like to be overcrowded, as they need a lot of oxygen, which means that every fish needs 15 gallons of water.

When goldfish are ready to mate a “spawning chase” occurs, the male will swim at the abdomen of the female for several hours. When the female is ready she will release her eggs in batches. These eggs will be fertilized immediately by the male, when he sprays milt on them. It is possible for a female in her prime to lay anywhere between 500 and a thousand eggs.

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Goldfish and huge tanks

by I-have-a-dog

Contrary to popular opinion, goldfish really *do* require HUGE tanks. An adult goldfish, when PROPERLY cared for, should be around 8 inches long.
People who put goldfish in those so-called goldfish bowls are trying to raise kittens in a shoebox. It's cruel and inhuman.
Tropical fish (especially small schooling fish) do much better in small (5-10gallon) tanks.
Anabantids (like paradise fish and bettas, and even some gouramis) can be keep even in smaller tanks.

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