Putting goldfish with tropical fish

37 gal tank, can I put goldfish in it?

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Originally Posted by jennesqueThis has been something I've debated on in the past.. And I've been keeping fish for a couple years but I have never properly cared for a goldfish before. I'll admit I'm almost a noob at goldfish keeping, so please hold my hand a bit and walk me through this lol.

I'm asking for more help here cause I know there is a LOT of incorrect information about goldfish care out there.

I'm thinking of moving my current inhabitants out of my 37 gal tank in my living room, and I'm looking to keep a larger fish in the tank. There aren't really many options, but I am hoping I can keep at least a pair of fancy goldfish. Is this enough room for them? The tank is 30" wide, 12" deep and 22" tall. I currently have a canister filter (rated for a 40gal tank) with a back up sponge.. I can add more filtration if necessary.

I know not to really bother with live plants.
I know the tank shouldn't be kept warm, but should I keep a heater in there for when the ac is on, or cold winter nights? Or just in case of ick? My current heater can be set down to like 64°F I think..
Can I keep a single bristle nosed pleco in there too? Or no.. Or should I get more than two fancy goldfish?

And any suggestions on what kind to get? I don't really want to spend more than maybe $10 on each fish, though less is always fine. My LFS does have a small variety of goldfish.

There has always been a big debate in the goldfish community regarding the proper sized tank. Some argue a 29 tall is perfectly fine (I've seen it done, personally) and others say the tank needs to be at least 4ft long. It is really a judgement call on your part.

Personally, I would add more filtration if you decide that goldies are the route you want to take. 10x turnover an hour is reccomended for goldies. 72F is a good temp for them, I would suggest the use of a heater to keep the temperature stable. You will also want to invest in a quality sinking pellet (I use Omega One) and/or gel food (repashy solient green) to feed them. Always avoid floating foods. They also like to be supplimented with fresh greens to munch on and be careful if you use gravel, they are known to ingest it and either have it caught in their throat or become impacted.

The kind of goldfish you want is a matter of choice, but stick to two of the fancy variety. Single-tailed goldfish get much too large for your tank and are better suited for ponds. Bristlenose plecos and almost all other fish need higher temps than the goldfish, so stick to a single pair of goldies. I wouldn't put more than two in this tank. Orandas are a personal favorite of mine. Try to keep the same kind, though.

Way too much work.

by jessicad

I had 10 cent goldfish last for 5 years, to the point where i had to give them to someone with a pond because i wasnt going to get a tank bigger then a 55, and they are still alive last i heard. way easier to take care of. my tropical fish just always die. I liek goldfish tails and how they swim.

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