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Goldfish, the Perfect Aquarium Fish

goldfish4 150x150 Goldfish, the Perfect Aquarium FishGoldfish have been around for hundreds of years. Starting with common carp the fish were selectively bred for color, fins, and body shape. Today we can enjoy the efforts that many generations of goldfish breeding have afforded us. They make the perfect aquarium fish because their needs are relatively small compared to many tropical fish species.

While Goldfish do not require a heater to be kept in doors, they do have some special requirements. Your typical Goldfish have not been designed to live in a glass bowl. In fact they’ve been designed to grow 12 inches or larger. Waste production can be an on going battle for a Goldfish keeper. Often they can be dubbed as a “poop machine”.

It’s not their fault, they’ll eat whatever they can get in their mouths! This includes algae they can pull from the glass or decor. They’ll also constantly clean your gravel looking for missed morsels of food. Unfortunately they’ll also put tank mates in their mouth such as small catfish, snails, shrimp, and any small fish. With all this constant eating they do defecate a lot. I’d rather have a fish constantly gravel vacuuming for me and getting that waste up into a filter than sitting on the bottom for me.

Personality is a goldfish’s middle name. They make great companions to each other and your family. There are many varieties to choose from. From your common American Goldfish to your fancy types. There is surely a goldfish to fit every human personality.

Some general tips for Goldfish are the following:

  • Goldfish do best in a 30 gallon aquarium or larger. Add 10 gallons for each goldfish beyond the first. 3-4 adult goldfish work well in a 55 gallon tank.
  • Large water changes are very beneficial. Being big waste producers, large water changes are very helpful.
  • Feed high quality foods. The higher ingredients you put into your fish, the less fillers end up as waste.
  • Keep single tailed Goldfish and fancy tailed Goldfish separated. These should not be in the same tank due to their special needs.

Now don’t let those tips scare you. That relatively short list is way easier than your standard tropical fish. Goldfish are super hardy and full of personality. They can also be less maintenance than your average tropical fish and mush more rewarding.

Way too much work.

by jessicad

I had 10 cent goldfish last for 5 years, to the point where i had to give them to someone with a pond because i wasnt going to get a tank bigger then a 55, and they are still alive last i heard. way easier to take care of. my tropical fish just always die. I liek goldfish tails and how they swim.

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