Goldfish food to tropical fish

Gel fish food: an alternative to pellets

There are all kinds of reasons to want to stop feeding your fish regular pellets or flakes: they are expensive, a lot of the brands sold in pet stores are bad quality, they may cause swim bladder issues and they usually aren’t adapted to suit the specific needs of the fish.

If you’re sick of those regular commercial pellets or need to cut your aquarium spending, keep reading! Gel food is a great alternative to the fish food sold in pet- and aquarium stores, and it’s cheap and very easy to make too. It’s already very popular among goldfish keepers because it can help goldies overcome their swim bladder problems, and it seems that tropical fish lovers are slowly catching on aswell.

I made my first gel food today – I only used vegetables in this batch because my goldies get their required amount of protein from frozen foods and freeze-dried brine shrimp, but depending on what you want to feed your fish you can use all kinds of ingredients! This means gel food can be made for pretty much all aquarium inhabitants, from turtles to plecos, and the recipes can be adapted to suit their specific needs. The only fish I wouldn’t recommend it for are the ones that need a lot of hard foods to shorten their teeth, like puffer fish.
So how do you make gel food for your fish?

  1. Find or make a recipe that contains the food you want to give your fish, and collect the ingredients you need.

For my goldfish, I made a small batch containing peas, lettuce, kale, broccoli, garlic and regular unflavored gelatin. ong smell, but goldfish love the taste of it and it’s said to help fight off parasites. I didn’t include any color-enhancing foods like paprika because I don’t want my new Demekin to lose his black, but if you want your fish to get vibrant colors, this is an optional ingredient!

A few gel food recipes:

Note: most fish shouldn’t be given warm-blooded animal meat, and if they are, it should be fed sparingly. Going for fish as a protein source in your gel food is a much better idea!

2. Toss it in the blender.

A lot of recipes tell you to cook all ingredients before doing this, but if you want all the vitamins, only heat the vegetables for a very short time. Meat and fish should always be cooked/baked for at least a few minutes, either when adding the gelatin or before that.
Cut up everything in chunks before putting it in the blender and blend until all the chunks are gone.


For me, supporting pet stores

by rjfishpolice

Is not very ethical, so I wouldn't buy tropical fish or goldfish or whatever, but if perchance you run into some fish in need of a place to crash, I think the right thing to do is let them live at your place and make sure they're safe and healthy. I did that with a turtle a co-worker was going to "set free." I also don't buy any of my animals food from places that sell any animals. I am lucky enough to buy my pets their food directly from a vegan manufacturer at our local food co-op.

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