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The Asian Arowana (Scleropages Formosus) or better known as the `Dragon Fish', has been regarded as one of the Kings in Aquatic World due to its immense popularity, value and great looks. The unique shape, large mouth and scales, and air of mystery have made Asian Arowanas so special they have stolen the heart of many hobbyists. With its close resemblance to the Chinese Ancient Dragon, many Chinese all over the world believed that `Dragon Fish' symbolizes luck, wealth, prosperity and strength. Thus, making it one of the best fish to keep for good fengshui. It is said that water is where Chi gathers and Sheng Chin in an aquarium, is said to be beneficial. However, to ensure that the water has Yang energy, auspicious fish are necessary.1crossback.jpg (37847 bytes) idely accepted as the symbol of wealth.

There are basically 4 different natural occurring color varieties for Asian Arowanas, namely Cross Back Golden from West Malaysia, Super Red from Indonesia's West Kalimantan, Red Tail Golden from Indonesia Pekanbaru and the Green variety, which can be found in rivers of Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.2crossback.jpg (125747 bytes) s the population of these fish in the wild has declined. This is especially so for Malaysian Golden Arowanas and Red Arowanas, which have reached a stage of near extinction since 1980s. Fortunately, arowanas come under protection by the listing of the Convention on the International Trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and are classified as an endangered species, threatened with extinction in CITES appendix I. Since then, any illegal trading and hunting of such fishes from the wild are accompanied with heavy penalties. Even now, the trading of Asian Arowanas is still banned in certain countries like the United States and Taiwan.

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Black moor color change and death...

by frankengirl

My poor black moor changed overnite to 'silver' and stayed at the bottom of the tank all day. this morning it was gently resting in some aquatic plants unable to swim.
what happened?
i ran out of fish food and ran to the grocery store and picked up some tropical fish flakes.
did i kill my moor by feeding her this?
i feel awful.
the other fish in the tank which are a fancy goldfish and a feeder goldfish turned pet seem uneffected.

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