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Teens Get the Scoop on What to Do at Gold Coast Hotels in Surfers Paradise

SURFERS PARADISE, AUSTRALIA–(Marketwired – Dec 30, 2013) – The Gold Coast may be a hot spot for families on summer holidays, but that doesn't mean it's an open book. Proving this popular resort destination has even more than theme parks to attract visitors are the insider recommendations of Emma Campbell and Chloe Gash, the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa's Teen Concierges.

Designed to let the 13- to 19-year-old set travel like locals, the “This City My Way” program features recommendations by teens for teens. And because it is both digitally led and authentically created, teenage visitors can quickly figure out the best things to see and do while on vacation.

Teens whose families take advantage of Gold Coast holiday packages will be, if not grateful exactly, then at least onboard with a trip that means they can explore some of the free festivals and exciting markets Campbell writes about. And when Gash reveals the perils and rewards of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, or where to find the best sushi, teens will know they've found a resource they can trust while vacationing at this Queensland theme-park hotel.

In addition to expert peer recommendations, this hotel in Surfers Paradise offers its teen, adult and child visitors plenty to see and do on property. Waterfalls, spas and an exclusive saltwater lagoon where guests can swim and snorkel with tropical fish set this recently renovated property apart from other Gold Coast hotels. Irresistible beaches and shopping are just steps away, while spa treatments and renowned dining keep guests happily entertained on property.

Whether teen visitors opt to enjoy the plush appointments of this exquisite resort or set off on a teen-endorsed adventure nearby, the Teen Concierge program is poised to improve the holiday for everyone in the family.

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Black moor color change and death...

by frankengirl

My poor black moor changed overnite to 'silver' and stayed at the bottom of the tank all day. this morning it was gently resting in some aquatic plants unable to swim.
what happened?
i ran out of fish food and ran to the grocery store and picked up some tropical fish flakes.
did i kill my moor by feeding her this?
i feel awful.
the other fish in the tank which are a fancy goldfish and a feeder goldfish turned pet seem uneffected.

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