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Goldfish Feeding?

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Goldfish Feeding?

I have been feeding my goldies tropical flakes(didnt know this ws a no-no) once a day. Yesterday I got goldfish flakes and pellets. Now the instructions say to feed 2-3 daily. Should I feed them according to the instructions or continue once a day.




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Originally Posted by The_Desacrator

What kid of goldfish do you have? I they're fancy ones or irregularly shaped the bet food are sinking pellets. __________________ __________________

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They are all Ryukins. One is red, another is red and white, and the last is a calico.

The pellets indeed sink. I have four cory cats as clean up. They won't get affected by eating the leftover pellets right?

Originally Posted by The_Desacrator
Its up to you how you feed them, you can do every other day, once a day, or a couple of times a day. I used to feed my fish a couple of times a day, because for one i kept my tank at around 80 so they had a higher metabolism, but i would give them really small portions, so as not to overfeed __________________
Ok firstly of all get rid of any flakes u have! Flakes increase the chance of bloating. Which in turn leads to swimming bladder disorder.

Now feeding schedule. U should feed 6 times a week and have one day of fasting to allow ur goldies system to rest and clean itself out! Do u have access to bloodworms and frozen peas? I feed my goldfish one of each once a week! The other 4 days u can feed them pellets! The amount of pellets is really up to u to investigate. But 5-10pellets each depending on the size of the pellets. What brand is ur pellets?

Just to give u an idea of how mine works here's timeline
Monday- NLS goldfish pellets
Tuesday- hikari bloodworms
Wednesday-NLS goldfish pellets
Saturday-NLS goldfish pellets
Sunday- frozen food named goldfish gourmet or vegetarian (something like that gaha)

Hope this helps

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Black moor color change and death...

by frankengirl

My poor black moor changed overnite to 'silver' and stayed at the bottom of the tank all day. this morning it was gently resting in some aquatic plants unable to swim.
what happened?
i ran out of fish food and ran to the grocery store and picked up some tropical fish flakes.
did i kill my moor by feeding her this?
i feel awful.
the other fish in the tank which are a fancy goldfish and a feeder goldfish turned pet seem uneffected.

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Goldfish feeding
Goldfish feeding
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