Feed tropical fish goldfish food

How Much Food Do I Feed My Gold Fish?

Feed as much as they can eat in 3 minutes. The rest just pick up with a net. I would put the flakes in water first to avoid buoyancy issues.

I would also feed your goldfish twice a day instead of just once a day.

Clean up any un-consumed food as this is ammonia, and ammonia kills your fish.

Flakes are not the best food for your fish. Since they float while your fish is eating them, he is also swallowing a lot of air from the surface; this is not good. Also the flakes expand with water and they expand in your fishes gut and can make them bloated or constipated, thus, buoyancy issues or more commonly known as swim bladder issues occur.

Feed your Goldfish New Life Spectrum Pellets, Hikary, or Pro-Gold as a staple pellet food:

In addition to the pellets feed Frozen or live Blood worms, Brine shrimp, and Daphnia.

Also feed your fish boiled veggies like broccoli, zucchini, de-shelled peas, carrots, pumpkin with no sugar just natural, ect. Toss them in when they are soggy and watch as your fish devour them. Make sure to get a net and clean off any un-eaten stuff.

Facts about japanese and pets.

by livecartoondog

There are 19.3 million pets in Japan, compared to 193 million pets in the United States. The number of pets has increased 50 percent between 1990 and 2000, with the biggest increase among affluent households. The domestic pet market is worth around $10 billion a year and thus far has been recession resistant. [Source: Euromonitor]
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Feeding Tropical Fish Blood Worms
Feeding Tropical Fish Blood Worms
Tropical fish feeding on frozen food
Tropical fish feeding on frozen food
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