Can tropical fish food kill goldfish?

Feeding Goldfish

The hardy breeds of goldfish are so rugged that few die from lack of attention, but you can pamper practically any of them to death in a week. Most goldfish that die before their time do so by reason of three leading forms of over kindness.

The greatest cause of trouble is overfeeding. Few amateur fish fanciers seem to realize that important adjustments must be made for fish kept in unnatural surroundings, particularly in bowls and aquariums. Living wild, fish eat practically all the time. That is because food is not too plentiful, and fish must scurry around the livelong day in an effort to find enough. It is disastrous to reverse this natural order of things by giving fish plenty to eat and at the same time depriving them of space in which to work the food off by exercise. If allowed, fish confined to an aquarium will literally eat themselves to death. Fish in outdoor pools live under more natural conditions, it is true, but the rule of sparse feeding also applies to them.

Another danger is crowding. Six or eight goldfish in an aquarium designed for three or four, or overcrowding in the same proportion in an outdoor pool, will soon separate the strong from the weak, and the weak will die.

Too much sun and improper water temperatures, along with too frequent changing of the water, are also harmful. In a large bowl or average-sized aquarium properly placed and not overcrowded, the water need not-should not-be changed more often than once a week, and I have kept goldfish healthy in an aquarium for as long as two and three months without changing the water.


Goldfish will eat practically anything, but you will find it convenient to buy a prepared fish food. There are a number of excellent brands with a perfectly balanced content of food, salts, and minerals. Ask your dealer to recommend one.

The thing with bettas...

by shevy

Is that they need a heated tank. They are a tropical, not a coldwater fish, and they do not thrive in those tiny bowls they are sold in. You can get away with a smaller tank, but a heater will definitely need to be purchased.
Consider also guppies, which are very hardy and the males are extremely pretty, or mollies. Stay away from goldfish, which require about 10 gallons for every inch of fish and are very messy.
You need to speak to the parents before purchasing any type of pet, to make sure that they are willing to have that pet in their home and to take care of it when the child fails to (which pretty much always happens, no matter how much they want the pet or what age they are)

Rules of thumb

by arctic_iguana

Of course, there are many exceptions, but:
Goldfish (including fancy): 1 inch of fish per 2 gallons of water.
Tropical (freshwater): 1 inch per gallon.
Saltwater: 1 inch per 5 gallons
So, if you want lots of fish, you will get more with goldfish or fresh. Also not that you cannot mix goldfish with most other freshwater fish. (Plecos are one exception.) Goldfish want cool/cold water, and tropicals want warmer water.
If you are still learning, I would stick with tropicals or goldfish. Salt can be expensive and the fish are often more critical of salinity, chemistry, temps, etc

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