Can goldfish tropical fish live together?

Goldfish And Ghost Fish Compatibility

Please help me. I have known and also seen through online fish compatibility chars that goldfish and ghost fish can live together without much fuss creation in an average size aquarium. I have always been a fond of goldfish but I got this amazingly looking fish for the first time and I just fell in love with that ghost fish. I asked the guy from my fish aquarium center and he also told me that they both the fish can live together with no problems at all. But still I researched online and found out that he was right. I want back to the store and bought a pair of ghost fish and kept them my pair of goldfish.

At first everything went nice and for three days I didn't notice any tension or manageability problems in them. But after that I saw that there was a red spoton my goldfish bulby head. I thought it had to be something with tapping her head somewhere in the aquarium but then it started to grow.
I then one day realized that ghost fish was doing that and was nibbling on goldfish's head.
I couldn't take it more another two days and with a hard heart returned back the pair of ghost fish to aquarium center.
Please help me here if both thee fish can be placed together becasue I really would love to have black ghost fish back. I have two qauariums right now. In one I have guppies, mollies and platties and in the other I have my goldfish.
Any help now?!!

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Since the black ghost knife fish(this is the fish you're talking about?) gets very large it's going to need a large tank soon. They are comfortable in water temperatures ranging from 72-80F. The 72F is at the top of a goldfish comfort zone.

So I guess what I'm saying is I personally wouldn't put them together because the ghost is a tropical fish and the goldfish is temperate water fish.

I have heard that just about anything you put in with the goldfish will pick at it's little bubble head.

Black Ghost Knifefish are a tropical fish that grow 12 to 20 inches as adults and need to be in a minimum of 75 gallons. I found the above information from wikipedia. To me, that does not sound compatible with goldfish. Goldfish are a temperate water fish, not a tropical fish. It is not a good idea to mix the two. What kind of goldfish do you have? If they are a fancy goldfish, especially one of the types with googly eyes or head growth, then it is not a good idea to have any other fish in with them. The fancy goldfish are weak swimmers and usually end up getting picked on.

The thing with bettas...

by shevy

Is that they need a heated tank. They are a tropical, not a coldwater fish, and they do not thrive in those tiny bowls they are sold in. You can get away with a smaller tank, but a heater will definitely need to be purchased.
Consider also guppies, which are very hardy and the males are extremely pretty, or mollies. Stay away from goldfish, which require about 10 gallons for every inch of fish and are very messy.
You need to speak to the parents before purchasing any type of pet, to make sure that they are willing to have that pet in their home and to take care of it when the child fails to (which pretty much always happens, no matter how much they want the pet or what age they are)

Rules of thumb

by arctic_iguana

Of course, there are many exceptions, but:
Goldfish (including fancy): 1 inch of fish per 2 gallons of water.
Tropical (freshwater): 1 inch per gallon.
Saltwater: 1 inch per 5 gallons
So, if you want lots of fish, you will get more with goldfish or fresh. Also not that you cannot mix goldfish with most other freshwater fish. (Plecos are one exception.) Goldfish want cool/cold water, and tropicals want warmer water.
If you are still learning, I would stick with tropicals or goldfish. Salt can be expensive and the fish are often more critical of salinity, chemistry, temps, etc

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