Can goldfish live tropical fish tank?

Can i put goldfish in a tank made for tropical fish?

Shelby in a 20g tank you would "grow stunt" your goldfish. A 40g is good for one fancy tail and one tailed goldfish like comets and koi belong in ponds (12-18inches). They get growth stunt, but their insides don't stop growing. It is painful and the fish tend to have a lot of health complications.

The person who needs to research is you before you give advice.

I have only 2 fancy tail goldfish in a 55g with a lot of filtration. Breeders will keep Betta's in 1g or less, but they are there to sell the fish and it is a temporary home. If you really love your fish when you buy it you should give it what it needs. I have my Betta in a planted 5.5g. I working to cycle his 10g and make that one a planted tank too. I would not give the advice you are giving because it is misinforming others.

Not even shrimp it is a 1.5g. Too much ammonia or an ammonia spike and BAM! There goes all your shrimp.

Find a nice tank on Craigslist and get a good tank.
You tank is just too small to host anything.
Read on the nitrogen cycle:

The bigger the tank the more stable it is. In that small tank if you are not careful of not overfeeding you will have issues. If you have too much fish waste your fish will die as you already said they died.

No bleach, no goldfish

by MixFamPitBull

No, do not use bleach. Use just hot water, maybe a vinegar solution like previously suggested. One of the best way to sanitize fish tanks is simply to lay it all out in the sun and dry completely out.
How many gallons is your tank? If you have any sort of gold fish you will need a powerful filter as they are very dirty. Even the fancy varieties such as Lion heads get quite big. They also require cool temperature water, so I would also recommend a tank chiller for the summer.
There are other fish you can have in a smaller sized tank that would do better than goldfish. All depends on tank size though

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