Are tropical fish or goldfish Better

Which Fishes are compatible with Goldfish?

There are vary few aquarium fishes that are compatible with goldfish. The main reason behind this is because most of the aquarium fishes are tropical fishes which thrive in warm condition but a goldfish is not. It prefers cold water.

There are few fishes that can live with goldfish like White Cloud Mountain Minnow, Zebra Danios, some species of Plecos and Loaches.

Goldfishes have different needs than other fishes, they are messy and get really large (easily to 12 inches long). Which is why it is suggested to only keep goldfish with other goldfish.

Here are some of the specific requirements of goldfish.

  • Goldfish thrive in cool water. This condition is not suitable for most of the tropical fish.
  • Goldfish can grow to be very large so they require a lot of space.
  • Goldfish eat a lot and will try to eat anything that will fit in their mouths. So smaller fish should not be kept with goldfish.
  • Goldfish are very messy and produce a lot of waste, which can pollute the water very quickly.
  • Many fancy goldfishes have fancy tails which are very delicate.

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