Tropical tank fish Compatibility

Tropical Fish Compatibility Chart

saltwater fowlrStarting your first saltwater aquarium!
This guide is for setting up a FOWLR (fish only with live rock) aquarium, if you would like to know how to set up a coral or a more advanced saltwater aquarium check out the other guides.

You will need the following equipment to successfully start your saltwater aquarium.

  • Aquarium - preferably the larger the better, there is less chance of a problem
  • Buy a background, i often prefer tanks without a background although it completely depends on your preference and placement.
  • Some sort of substrate, usually crushed coral are the best, their is also arrays of white sand or darker substrates.
  • Saltwater Hydrometer - to measure the correct salinity of the water
  • Live Rock - can be bought from you local fish store
  • Aquarium Filter - Cannister filters will work very well, so do all in one tanks
  • Heater - With the correct wattage for your tank
  • Fish food for the fish you are getting
  • Thermometer
  • A protein skimmer is needed for all saltwater tanks
  • A glass cleaner to remove algae
  • A brush to clean your live rock
  • Clean buckets - a few

Much like with Freshwater aquariums, before you begin you must make sure of the following:

  • If the floor is able to take the weight of the tank
  • The slope of the floor which it is on should be level
  • There are enough power points nearby or power board
  • The tank is away from direct sunlight
  • You ENJOY the placement of the tank!

You must realize the large cost and effort involved with a salt water aquarium. Like any pet you will need to spend both money and time looking after it. If cost is a factor then beware, saltwater aquariums are far more expensive to set up than there freshwater counterparts, not to mention most saltwater fish carry a much higher price tag.

saltwater aquarium saltwater aquarium

New fish tank problems...

by merrilyamused

Hey all,
Hoping someone can give me an easy answer to this. I'm in the process of setting up a 10 gallon aquarium for some freshwater tropical fish. I bought the tank used, and while it came the filter and many accesories, there are no directions on setting up it.
It has an internal filter. I figured out setting it all up, but I'm not sure where it should be exactly in the tank, in regards to the water level.
Its kind of open at the top, and it waterfalls out. The fish I am getting are still babies and really small and I'm worried about them getting sucked up in the top of it

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