Tropical fish to cycle tank

How to Cycle a Fish Tank

The nitrogen cycleIf you are changing aquariums then you can use existing biological media from the filter that is running on the old tank, this biological media will already have healthy bacteria living on it. Obviously it very much depends on how much media you have at your disposal, but even a small amount will be enough to jumpstart the new filtration system. When we take existing media from an old filter to add to a new, we call this "seedling" the new filter. Just remember to keep the old media wet while you are changing aquariums. If the process of changing aquariums is going to take a while then you could help your beneficial bacteria by placing an air stone in with the media, this will oxygenate the bacteria and help keep them alive and healthy. If you are starting from scratch with a completely new aquarium filtration system then the whole process of cycling will take several weeks to complete if you are using fish as a source of ammonia. Cycling your tank using liquid ammonia can cut this period down considerably to just two or three weeks.

cycling an aquarium-Tiger BarbSome people like to use existing tank water, substrate, rocks and decor to help seed the new tank. Even though there won't be an enormous amount of bacteria present in the water and substrate, there will be some and every little bit counts.

You can use any freshwater tropical fish you like to cycle and aquarium, as long as you have a source of ammonia, the cycling process will be the same. However, you have got to remember that during the cycling process, the fish will be put under a lot of stress due to the amount of ammonia they will be exposed to. Therefore do not use Oscars to cycle your aquarium as you could damage their immune system. Even though they may survive the cycling, they could start running into health problems later on in life. It sounds a little bit mercenary but you are better off using fish that you are not going to keep long-term.cycle an aquarium with Molly s, Tetras, Guppies, Convicts, Plecos, Mollies, Firemouths. These are just a few that I know our members have used successfully. However, everybody will tell you that if you can get hold of some pre-seeded media then you will definitely aid the cycling process. Just be aware that you will be exposing these fish to high levels of ammonia so don't get too upset if you do have a few fatalities. I better mention goldfish while we are talking about what fish to use for cycling. There is a little bit of controversy to whether or not goldfish should be used to cycle a tropical aquarium. Some people suggest that because they are cold water they shouldn't be used. Other people are worried that because goldfish are produced in massive numbers, they can often harvest disease which can be passed onto your new aquarium. Having said this, some of our members have successfully cycled their tank using goldfish so that is something for you to consider. All I would say is that if you are going to use goldfish, source them from a reputable shop that can guarantee they are disease-free and healthy.

cycle aquarium with convicts fish cycle aquarium with fire mouth cycle aquarium with giant Danio cycle aquarium with Tetra

Turtles will it the fishes

by MissDion

So you'll have to pick whether you want a fish tank or a turtle tank.
Turtles are messy as hell and most will outgrow a 60 gallon tank.
A freshwater 60 gallon tank is fairly easy to care for, but will be pricey to set up. You should look at some fish and see what type you like: cichlids, tropical community, or goldfish-types.
You'll have to invest in a quality filter system and be willing to check your water quality on a weekly basis while you first set the tank up, then a couple times a month to maintain it.

New turtles!

by cookiemonster1975

I just got 2 new turtles, they are yellow eared/bellied sliders! They are so cute:) My friend runs a tropical fish store and knows I am a teacher, so I can get the littler ones. I will probably be taking them into my classroom so my kids can name them.
They fit right in with my 3 RES, 1 MD painted, and 1 snapping turtle. They are in their own little tank for now so they don't have to fight for food.

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How to cycle a fish tank
How to cycle a fish tank
How to Cycle a Tropical Tank
How to Cycle a Tropical Tank
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