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Hello from Northern Ireland!

Hello, I'm Michael and I'm a Student from Northern Ireland, I am basically a complete beginner for fish keeping but have ventured in as a hobby.

Started off with 2 Goldfish in a small, filterless tank then, got given 3 fish and a pretty decent 49 litre tank (with filters, lights etc) then after they passed the tank has sat empty and depressing looking.

Was off school for a week and though I'm going to do something with that tank, so I cleaned it all out (flooded the bathroom doing so) went to the local fish store and got ornaments, plants, heater etc. and started on my way to building up a Tropical community tank.

After some fish-less cycling I went to the fish shop and they recommended starting off with some Guppies to start with the Ammonia -> nitric - nitrate stuff and all these fancy bacteria.

Started of with 5 male guppies, but now only have 3 (I think victim of bullying by the alpha male fish as they had nipped fins but got water all checked and other than a little bit of Ammonia developing it was fine)

Turtles will it the fishes

by MissDion

So you'll have to pick whether you want a fish tank or a turtle tank.
Turtles are messy as hell and most will outgrow a 60 gallon tank.
A freshwater 60 gallon tank is fairly easy to care for, but will be pricey to set up. You should look at some fish and see what type you like: cichlids, tropical community, or goldfish-types.
You'll have to invest in a quality filter system and be willing to check your water quality on a weekly basis while you first set the tank up, then a couple times a month to maintain it.

New turtles!

by cookiemonster1975

I just got 2 new turtles, they are yellow eared/bellied sliders! They are so cute:) My friend runs a tropical fish store and knows I am a teacher, so I can get the littler ones. I will probably be taking them into my classroom so my kids can name them.
They fit right in with my 3 RES, 1 MD painted, and 1 snapping turtle. They are in their own little tank for now so they don't have to fight for food.

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