Tropical fish Tanks N Ireland

Odd Colored Angelfish

definately something different, cool looking though

That is a odd color for an angel fish where did you find it?
And What you Leaving India, moving Where? And about All your fishes and your Fish Room??

Originally Posted by RougeAgent94

A breeder from Hong Kong sent them to me. I have to go to the United States to take care of my grandmother who's health isn't so good right now. My fishroom is being dissembled and the fish are being sold. So will someone else be able to breed these for you?

Wow !!!

Never seen anything like that before.

Originally Posted by Kathy Potts

So will someone else be able to breed these for you?

Well they are already big enough to breed but I intend to bulk them up fast. I have a special (SECRET) diet that I feed them with loads of waterchanges that can have a angelfish double in size within two weeks. I already have three spawns from these guys. I'm waiting for free swimmers.

They look beautiful...
soo.... whats the secret !!?=P

Awesome !!! Love the color !!!

Originally Posted by Moochyesh

They look beautiful...
soo.... whats the secret !!?=P

Secret about these fish or secret in my other thread??

AND yes I do realize I just answered your question with another question haha. My grammar teacher would have a heart attack.

Secret diet lol

LOL! Well it wouldn't be a secret if I told you now would it?

Turtles will it the fishes

by MissDion

So you'll have to pick whether you want a fish tank or a turtle tank.
Turtles are messy as hell and most will outgrow a 60 gallon tank.
A freshwater 60 gallon tank is fairly easy to care for, but will be pricey to set up. You should look at some fish and see what type you like: cichlids, tropical community, or goldfish-types.
You'll have to invest in a quality filter system and be willing to check your water quality on a weekly basis while you first set the tank up, then a couple times a month to maintain it.

New turtles!

by cookiemonster1975

I just got 2 new turtles, they are yellow eared/bellied sliders! They are so cute:) My friend runs a tropical fish store and knows I am a teacher, so I can get the littler ones. I will probably be taking them into my classroom so my kids can name them.
They fit right in with my 3 RES, 1 MD painted, and 1 snapping turtle. They are in their own little tank for now so they don't have to fight for food.

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