Tropical fish tank turtles

I Have Turtles And Fish In The Same Tank

i think your tank is too small for everyone. that might be your problem. i don't have turtles, or cichlids, but from what I've heard, turtles are messy and like fish for dinner. O.o

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I agree, mixing turtles and fish in such a small tank is recipe for failure.

Thank you!
But what do you propose I do now? Bring the fish back to the pet store? Would the pet store take them back in their condition? I don't want to let them die

When you buy a living animal, you are not only responsible for it's life but also it's death. If the fish are in bad condition, then the store may not take them, in which case it is up to you to take care of things.

In all honesty, if you want a healthy and happy tank, you need to start over from scratch.

Your turtles look like red-eared sliders which the females can grow up to a foot and the males up to 7-8 inches. Just a heads up.

that does make the most sense, how do you suggest I do so?
Sorry for all the questions by the way, I just want to make good decisions with this.

Originally Posted by Girlsbeforefish

Yep I do know that I've had my large red eared slider for about a year now and she's wonderful. My smaller one was recently rescued from an evil gift shop that doesn't know a thing about proper terrarium care. -.-

This is just my first time with fish. thank you though!

No need to apologize for asking questions!

If it were me, I would euthanize the fish with an ice bath. An ice bath is a cup of ice water. Once the water is really cold, drop the fish in and it will be over in seconds. Like I said, that's what would do. In such a situation, I would do what's best for me. I'm sure others will offer opinions on what's best for the fish.

Okay good!
I will definitely take that into consideration. But the one which I noted had spazzy movements, seems pretty normal now. His behavior changed drastically. I don't know what changed it but I'll be keeping an eye on him just in case. I have Milo, the one with the bubble eye, quarantined right now and he seems pretty bad off.. he was swimming sideways before I quarantined him and now he's mostly upright but only partially swimming about with his tail, not his side-fins.

Can you permanently separate the fish from the turtles? Sometimes, pristine water conditions can restore a fish back to health. Most important thing is to get these two very distinct species separated and go from there.

Originally Posted by Brainlady

Yes, I do have a 10 gallon tank that I just moved the turtles from when I got my second turtle. However, I do not have a place to put it where it would be functional. :/
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Turtles will it the fishes

by MissDion

So you'll have to pick whether you want a fish tank or a turtle tank.
Turtles are messy as hell and most will outgrow a 60 gallon tank.
A freshwater 60 gallon tank is fairly easy to care for, but will be pricey to set up. You should look at some fish and see what type you like: cichlids, tropical community, or goldfish-types.
You'll have to invest in a quality filter system and be willing to check your water quality on a weekly basis while you first set the tank up, then a couple times a month to maintain it.

New turtles!

by cookiemonster1975

I just got 2 new turtles, they are yellow eared/bellied sliders! They are so cute:) My friend runs a tropical fish store and knows I am a teacher, so I can get the littler ones. I will probably be taking them into my classroom so my kids can name them.
They fit right in with my 3 RES, 1 MD painted, and 1 snapping turtle. They are in their own little tank for now so they don't have to fight for food.

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