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Tips to maintain a tropical fish tank in your apartment

tropical fishHaving an not only serves as a focal point but will also provide peace and solace when placed the right way. Whether they are a dozen of gold fish or exotic tropical fishes, anyone would love to rear these little gems. Follow the below tips;

Appropriate amount of oxygen:

One of the key factors of maintaining an aquarium is to provide enough oxygen to the fish tank. It is always better to have a large aquarium but in case you do not have a large aquarium, you should install an air pump and a tube. Ensure that you run the air tube regularly as this will avoid the excess generation of carbon-di-oxide.

Water temperature:

The water temperature should be tested often and an appropriate temperature should be fixed for the fish to survive. Consult a wet pet serviceman for setting the right temperature. Tropical fish need warm temperature especially during the winter. You can install a heater in the tank along with a thermometer to keep them warm. Also consider the fluctuations in the room temperature.

Cleaning the tank:

Water filter is an important part of rearing tropical fishes, it keeps your aquarium clean and filtered properly. Water filter will remove debris from your tank. You should have a water filter based on the size of the aquarium. Also you should change the carbon cartridge of the water filter regularly as this will balance the Ph in your water.

tropical fishesChanging the water:

If the water seems cloudy, you should change partial water. Follow a regular water cleaning routine and about 10-25% of the water should be removed and replaced with clean water. Use water conditioners to remove chlorine and other chemicals from the clean water. It is advisable that you use bottled spring water as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Changing the lights:

In order to keep your fish healthy, proper lighting is needed. Having a fluorescent light in your aquarium will result in the growth of good bacteria as well as eliminates bad bacteria.

Cleaning the accessories:

If you have objects like pebbles, a miniature art form and other machines, plants, etc in your tank, ensure that you clean them with hot water and avoid using soap.

Gain knowledge about rearing them:

Educate yourself about the number of fishes you can have in the size tank you are using and the techniques to maintain them. The number of tropical fishes in a tank should be put based in the gallons of water. A rule of one inch of fish for every gallon of water should be followed.

Get an algae eater:

To keep your tank clean, get an algae eater.

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