Tropical Fish in same Tank

can you mix gold fish with tropical fish in the same tank

Sorry to mention this but it also looks like your goldfish may have ammonia burns (the black coloration in its fins)
The second picture looks like his right side has red patches, again likely ammonia.

What size tank do you own?
A juvenile comet needs 50gallons +++ and a pond as an adult

Fish are incredible at surviving in less then idea enviroments, especially comet goldies like yours. This is not an indication that your fish is loving life, merely surviving in the environment you have placed him in.

Experienced aquarists are informing you this is not correct, a comet can grow huge and should ideally be renowned to a lovely big pond as they need **** amount of space and cool water.

You wouldn't pick an Eskimo and plonk him in Jamaica? No as they would not fair well. They have adapted to different climates and conditions, just like fish.

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