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Almunecar Aquarium – the City's Number 1 Attraction

Almunecar-aquarium-sharkAlmunecar is home to one of the largest aquariums in Spain.

During the winter months of 2012 – 2013 there has been a change in the management and the acquarium is closed for maintenance it was due to reopen for the summer but despite the towns efforts to finish the works in July it is still not open (August 2013).

Finished in 2006 and costing over 11 million Euros (to date) the Almunecar aquarium is located underground and is the most impressive paid tourist attraction and is conveniently located close to the municipal market in Plaza Kuwait (on the west of the town) and in easy walking distance of the castle and town center. The facilities contain hundreds of different fish and invertebrates which are housed in large tanks and ponds which hold one and a half million litres of water. Many of the species are native to the area and the walk through the two levels is a combination of fun, colour and education for the whole family. Although upon entering this underground cavern it seems very dark after the bright light of the exterior your eyes will soon adjust.

Your voyage through this underwater world starts by looking at fossils and the evolution of fish from jelly fish, you will pass the cuttlefish and octopi as well as other tropical fish, small rays swimming around the edges of a large tank, small sharks and sea horses. A ramp to the next level guides you down the darkened walkways around a column of fish swimming dizzily around. On the lower level you will pass various large tanks with creatures from greater and greater depths. Throughout the journey there a descriptions in Spanish and English and details about both the coastline and beaches of the area.

The aquarium has left the last and most impressive tank until last. Here you will pass through a glass tunnel which goes through the largest tank which is home to a variety of sharks and rays. You will probably be tempted to stay here for a long time mesmerized by the large bull sharks gracefully gliding along side you and over the top of your head.

Too many tanks?

by Rockymason

I have 16 tanks running here in Palmer.. is there a cure?
There are lots of tropical fish that "look" like sharks, but , of course are not.
Bala sharks for one...but they like to be in schools of at least 3. They can get to 18", though. I've had mine for 8 years and it is 8 to 9 inches now and is in a 90 gal tank with some african cichlids.

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20lbs of Aquascaping Seiryu Stone Rock Aquarium Tropical Fish Plant Shrimp Driftwood
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