Tropical Fish for planted Tanks

Sharing my planted tanks with you

Hi Pleco People,

Im new to this forum and want to share some pics of my planted tanks with you all. First up is my 46 gallon high tech tank. It has injected co2, a marineland aquatic plant LED, and runs two HOB filters. I dose EI every third day or so. WC is 50% weekly (or every other week depending on how busy I am) It houses one albino bristlenose pleco

next up is my 75 gallon attempt at an Amazonian biotope, it has a marineland canister filter, marineland singlebright LED, and a few anubias and sword plants. Mostly manzanita wood as decoration. it houses a clown pleco, several ottos, and an unconfirmed gold spot sailfin pleco. stivum cichlids. they are growing beautifully.

Next to last is my oldest tank, a 30 gallon hexagon tank. Ive had it up and running for 16 years. It still runs on the same marineland HOB filter with a bio-wheel, it houses some ottos but no pleco currently. Here are some pictures of it over the years. Currently it houses a tilapia cichlid so it is not densely planted but it has been in the past. no co2 no ferts in this tank, marineland aquatic plant LED

Lastly is my 10 gallon shrimp/cray tank. It houses one blue crayfish and several Red Cherry Shrimp. No co2 nor ferts here, very low tech low lighting low maintenance.

Tetra's are tropical fish

by Asidi

They should have a consistant temperature around 74 - 78 degrees. You can get away without a heater if your room temperature is always in that temperature range, but you're better off with the heater. If something happens to drop the temperature more than a degree or two in a short period of time the fish could get sick, but if the change is very gradual it won't affect them that badly as long as it doesn't get too cold.
(I have a 55 gallon tropical fish tank currently running without a heater. The reason is that the temperature here has been over 100 degrees for the past I don't know how long and I can't even get my air conditioner to cool my house below 85

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20lbs of Aquascaping Seiryu Stone Rock Aquarium Tropical Fish Plant Shrimp Driftwood
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  • Natural, unique Look, many crevices and different textures
  • Good for decoration and use on a planted tank
  • The most popular stone that people use for aquascaping
  • Iwagumi layout
  • 20 LBS
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