Tropical fish 70 litre tank

1,5m Tropical Fish Tank | Durbanville

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Large planted aquarium, full system - great bargain (URGENT SALE)


Large full house planted aquarium with stand size approx: 1.2 x 0.8 x 0.5Approx. spended R12000 on the project.Includes 70 liter support tank below tank.Large tank specs:- Eheim Jager heater- Boyu activated bed filter, converted to internal filter with Seachem Matrix biofilter substrate.- 2 x power heads- Oddesea T5 dual light unit.- CO2 regulator and solenoid, converted to fit 20 ounce paintbal gas tank.- CO2 level colour indicator.Suppor tank specs:-HOB filter-HeaterA selection of Seachem fertilizers and water conditioners available.A unique and rare selection of over 30 plant species (Large anubias, tiger lotus, bolbitis, etc.)Large fish selection:- 2 x Large Altum Angels.-Albino ancistrus-Various Tetras-pigmy puffer-Corry cats-Otto's-and various other fish.Transport on own accord and a great bargain for the avid aquascaper looking to save money in the long run.

Corner fish tank

R 900

Corner fish tank for sale. Including heater, pump, light, canopy and all accessories. We have 7 Malawi fish if you would like to take them too.

Large fish tank and filter for sale

R 1, 500

Large fish tank for sale 600(h) x600(w) x 800(l) on steel stand. Included in price is a large Atman canister filter and some odds and ends.

2 metre show tank

- Main tank: 200x60x60, 10mm glass, purchased new last year. - Sump tank: 120x45x45, with 4 compartments and various filter materials (incl. bio balls). - Quarantine tank: 60x30x30, complete with heater and internal power filter. - Treated metal stand. - Custom-made hood with 2 florescent light fittings. - Heavy duty metal heater (plus standard back-up heater). - 4000 litre/hour sump pump External power filter (Dolphin’s top of the range filter). - Air pump (for sump circulation). Replacement cost is around R10, 000. Call Thomas 0

2x fish tanks for sale

Contact for Price

Both tanks are in very good condition no scrathes no leaks. 1x hexagon 30cm(w)x 30cm(l)x 25cm(h) 1x med size tank 33cm(w)x 46cm(l)x 35cm(h) Make me an offer.

This fantastic tank includes all fish, 3 ft sump filter, drift wood, pumps and light. Must be seen, all fish extra large .Oscar, giant gourami, bala shark, ghost knife, green deacon, 4 x silver dollars, parrot fish!

Tetra's are tropical fish

by Asidi

They should have a consistant temperature around 74 - 78 degrees. You can get away without a heater if your room temperature is always in that temperature range, but you're better off with the heater. If something happens to drop the temperature more than a degree or two in a short period of time the fish could get sick, but if the change is very gradual it won't affect them that badly as long as it doesn't get too cold.
(I have a 55 gallon tropical fish tank currently running without a heater. The reason is that the temperature here has been over 100 degrees for the past I don't know how long and I can't even get my air conditioner to cool my house below 85

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