Large tropical fish community tank

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Spring inspires us to take on new Adventures.

As the season of spring erupts all around me in the blooming tulips and blossoming trees, I am hearing about people starting new adventures as well. Several of my pastor friends are starting new congregations, and others are teaching historic churches how to create new life. I have friends who are beginning new jobs after long periods of unemployment, and others who are moving into new companies with new responsibilities of leadership. Each of us at some point will enter into a new environment and begin the work of creating a community within. Whether we are involved in new church starts, new jobs, or starting a new venture, I have been thinking about the questions, “How do we create a new community?” and “What makes a community sustainable?”

An experiment in creating a community: a tropical fish tank

Our daughter won a goldfish at a county fair two years ago and remarkably it was still alive at Christmas. As her parents we decided that she was mature enough to have a tropical tank as her Christmas present. For five months now my daughter and I have been hard at work creating a tropical fish tank of community fish. daughter and I discussing how to start a community, what makes up a good community, and how it can sustain itself.

The first step of creating anything, is coming face to face with nothing. Unlike typical Christmas toys that you open and begin to play with right away, what sat in front of our daughter was a 30 gallon square tank with nothing inside it. We all looked at that empty tank and began to fill it with our expectations of what it would be. Our imaginations flourished with ideas of a tank that would entertain our family. Our son imagined miniature sharks swimming around the tank. I imagined graceful angelfish darting here and there. Our daughter imagined schools of neon tetras moving about the tank in formation. There would be live plants and the water would always be crystal clear.

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They are definitely hardy fish

by puppyluvins

However they do better in cooler temps. Generally between 40 and 70 is where you will see goldfish thrive. Above and below both temps they start getting pretty lethargic and don't eat as often. They don't grow as fast either.
Really its not the goldfish you have to worry about in a tropical tank, its the other fish. Especially those very sensitive to ammonia, like your Pleco,a decent ammonia spike can easily kill him. With that mix I would be testing water for sure every day.

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My Tropical Fish Community Tank
My Tropical Fish Community Tank
community tropical fish tank
community tropical fish tank
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