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Small Saltwater Fish Tank (nano) Species

Finding small saltwater fish tank species for a small marine aquarium (nano tanks) is not difficult and they are often easily found in local saltwater reef stores and online. If you have a small saltwater aquarium it is vital to keep it lightly stocked and your water parameters stable. Make sure you research any fish you decide to get before you go to the store. Do not make that impulse buy or you may regret it later.

Any fish tank from 10 to 30 gallons could be considered a small saltwater fish tank for the purposes of this article. Really, any saltwater tank under 30 gallons is going to be a chore to maintain (my opinion of course, to each his own). Nano tanks are often considered even smaller. It should also be noted that the smaller the fish tank the harder it is to keep in my opinion. Larger tanks provide so many more options for both equipment and fish species and I strongly urge any new hobbyists to get the largest tanks they can accommodate. Leave the smaller specialty saltwater tank setups for when you become more experienced later on.

The saltwater fish you're looking to keep in your small saltwater aquarium need to have a few characteristics to make the list below. You also need to keep in mind how they will get along with other species along with conspecifics. For better long term success, look for fish that:

  • Stay small even as adults. Research the average adult size before you buy them.
  • Don't require much swimming space. Some fish are very active swimmers, others not so much.
  • Accept the more common marine fish food preparations, such as flakes, pellets, frozen, etc.

There are also invertebrates such as many of the cleaner shrimps, snails and hermit crabs that can be easily kept in smaller saltwater tanks.

Obviously, the list above is just my opinion from years of being around them and don't take these recommendations as gospel. Research the species on your own and form your own opinion before you buy them. Look into the gobies, basslets, along with some of the wrasses and blennies for more ideas on small saltwater fish species.

Thanks for reading!

Author : Mike FishLore

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They are definitely hardy fish

by puppyluvins

However they do better in cooler temps. Generally between 40 and 70 is where you will see goldfish thrive. Above and below both temps they start getting pretty lethargic and don't eat as often. They don't grow as fast either.
Really its not the goldfish you have to worry about in a tropical tank, its the other fish. Especially those very sensitive to ammonia, like your Pleco,a decent ammonia spike can easily kill him. With that mix I would be testing water for sure every day.

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