Free Standing Tropical Fish Tank

ISO Mechanical Horse and Freestanding Fishtank

I have a peculiar request. I am looking to film a commercial in the DC/metro area but am relatively new here and still don't know the area well enough to know where to find either of these two sites. I am searching for:

a) A kiddie-ride horse. I.e., one of those mechanical horses where you put in a quarter for a child to ride for a minute.

b) A pet store, or other location, that has a freestanding fish tank with live tropical fish. I.e., can walk around the fish tank, one that is not against a wall.

The malls I have checked either have trains, cars or rocket ships kiddie-rides, but no horses. And I haven't a clue which pet stores to contact first that may have the tropical fish tank set up! I've heard that the DC aquarium only has tanks flush to the wall. Any ideas on where I can find either of these two "sets"? It can be anywhere in the DC metro area, not limited to just Cleveland Park.


by konacop

3. The Pali Look Out for beautiful views of the Windward side of the island
4. Kailua Beach to watch the kite surfers
5. Sea Life Park if you haven't experienced dolphin shows, tropical fish tanks, and would like to see where the movie "50 First Dates" was filmed.
6. The Blow Hole....where waves are forced up through a lava tube and shoot up to 50 feet.
7. Hike Diamond Head Crater. Drive inside the crater and pay a small fee to park. Take bottled water and a camera.
8. Polynesian Cultural Center for the experience

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