Discus fish in Tropical Tank

why does my tropical discus fish lean to one side?

Discus are not easy fish to keep and need perfect water quality and so many special needs. You should have not even been able to buy a discus if you bought it at a pet shop. That’s just scummy if they let you buy that delicate and expensive of a fish with no prior knowledge. I would never go back there again, unless you bought it online, then its your fault lol.

Ya sounds like hes got issues, hes either sick or his water is bad. Check all your levels Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and PH and make sure they are ok. The Temperature should be between 82 and 85 and he should be being feed lots of blood worms, brine shrimp and high quality flake food. Also Discus tanks should be free of tanks mates as they get stressed easily by fast moving fish. Activated carbon is also a no no in discuss tanks, it traps the poisons in the water and over time releases it back into the water. Fine for other fish, can’t be done with discus. Also the need daily 10 % water changes to do well and a SUPER clean tank. Not to mention they are a schooling fish and need partners to do their best.

I can go on for days, hopefully your fish makes it but if he doesn’t don’t feel bad. All the but most advanced hobbyists fail at keeping discus in the long term.


by konacop

3. The Pali Look Out for beautiful views of the Windward side of the island
4. Kailua Beach to watch the kite surfers
5. Sea Life Park if you haven't experienced dolphin shows, tropical fish tanks, and would like to see where the movie "50 First Dates" was filmed.
6. The Blow Hole....where waves are forced up through a lava tube and shoot up to 50 feet.
7. Hike Diamond Head Crater. Drive inside the crater and pay a small fee to park. Take bottled water and a camera.
8. Polynesian Cultural Center for the experience

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Discus fish tank
Discus fish tank
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Young discus fish in aquarium tank
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