Custom built tropical fish tanks

Tropical Fish Tanks

Introducing musk turtles into a Tropical fish tank

There are many things to consider when placing musk turtles into your tropical fish tank.

This is my custom built tank

300 Litre / 80 Gallon, 2008

Things to do immediately:

  • Drop the water level by a few inches
  • Place a floating platform into the tank
  • place some shrubberies for cover
  • create a cave or enclosure in the water

You have to do this if you want to keep musk turtles in your fish tank. And over the longer term, it depends what you love more, because now my tank is actually a musk turtle tank, and only certain fish will survive in that environment.

Survival Conditions:

My Tank is deep, there is a distinct section of middle space between the upper and lower parts of the tank. Also, the distance between the corners at the front curvature of the glass is more than 1 metre (1000mm). ne species to be in their own area of the tank relatively undisturbed. The turtles do swim all over the tank, as do the fish, but as the turtles will often retreat back to the top you may then for example decide not to get those types of fish that are feisty/aggressive and also top dwellers (you can tell by their mouth shape pointing upwards, as they eat from the surface of the water). Every tank is different, and you must observe what is happening inside the tank in order to know for sure what are the best changes to make in the tank set up, or type of fish to keep.

​UV Lighting:

Musk turtles require a 5.0 UVB Terrarium bulb. So you would need to replace that in your tropical tank. However these turtles have been kept successfully in ambient light without UV-B. And also I did not switch the lights in my tank either, but my custom built tank has 2 larger tube lights and my turtles are able to get close enough whilst they bask on the these days.


by konacop

3. The Pali Look Out for beautiful views of the Windward side of the island
4. Kailua Beach to watch the kite surfers
5. Sea Life Park if you haven't experienced dolphin shows, tropical fish tanks, and would like to see where the movie "50 First Dates" was filmed.
6. The Blow Hole....where waves are forced up through a lava tube and shoot up to 50 feet.
7. Hike Diamond Head Crater. Drive inside the crater and pay a small fee to park. Take bottled water and a camera.
8. Polynesian Cultural Center for the experience

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