Corner unit tropical fish Tanks

Fish Tank Corner Unit with Stand

Tropical Fish Tank

R 4, 500

Fish Tank 1.2meter on custom made steel stand with cupboards, canopy and lights, cannister filter, new glass, heater & aerators, variety of live & plastic plants, rocks, driftwood and pebbles. At least 40 fish incl. large gold & silver gouramis, 1 large bala shark, 2 large angels, red-finned shark, red-tail black shark, 2 large plecos and a variety of ruminosis, tetras, swordtails etc. Also a bin of extras including filters, pumps etc. Replacement value in excess of R 10, 000.00. Price R 4, 500.00 Call: 084 617 0511

Fish tank for sale

R 3, 000

I have a 1.2 meter custom tank for sale. It comes with fish, stand, 3d background, 2 filters, lights and all accessories. Dimensions: 1200x 500x700. In total of 420liters. The glass thickness is 10mm with aluminum edging. s R3000.00. Price is negotiable If you are interested please call me on 079 529 9516. [Ricardo].

1.2m Fish Tank for Sale

R 2, 500

Custom 1.2m show tank setup for sale.Comes with Fluval canister filter, Jager heater, Light fittings and Power head and Stand.Tank is in very good condition and perfect for any setup.Please phone me on if interested.

Fish Tank/ Aquarium for Sale

R 7, 000

Boyu Tank 1, 5x 0, 6x 0, 6. Vast selection Cichlid and Malawis.Many mature fish 100mm + including Jack Dempsey, Geophagus, Severum, Lombardoi, Livingstoni, Yellow Lab etc.C1600 Dophin Filter. working that I am neglecting it. Sold as unit, not seperate, own transport and collection. Package worth well over R10K.

Tropical Fish tank Plants for Sale
Midwest Tropical Corner Aquarium
Pet Products (Midwest Tropical)
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  • Dimensions: Length: 26 1/2 x Width: 21 1/2 x Height: 60 1/2
  • Over-sized three-stage filtration and aerator systems provided
  • Maximum viewing angles are provided via the three-sided design.


by konacop

3. The Pali Look Out for beautiful views of the Windward side of the island
4. Kailua Beach to watch the kite surfers
5. Sea Life Park if you haven't experienced dolphin shows, tropical fish tanks, and would like to see where the movie "50 First Dates" was filmed.
6. The Blow Hole....where waves are forced up through a lava tube and shoot up to 50 feet.
7. Hike Diamond Head Crater. Drive inside the crater and pay a small fee to park. Take bottled water and a camera.
8. Polynesian Cultural Center for the experience

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