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Unusual Tetra Species

Phantom-tetraTetra are excellent community fish as they’re easy to care for, and most species are peaceful and compatible with virtually any other peaceful tropical fish species. However, because they’re so commonly kept, many aquarists find themselves looking for something more than your garden-variety neon. These four species are an excellent fit for most community tanks, but are sure to make a statement.

Black Phantom Tetra / Hyphessobrycon megalopterus

Native to the Upper Paraguay and Guapore River basins of Bolivia and Brazil, black phantom tetra are enjoyed for their flashy finnage and rich coloration. They do well in soft, acidic water and prefer a heavily planted tank. Black phantoms may become somewhat territorial during spawning, but such disputes rarely result in injury.

hemigrammus_ulreyi_01Ulrey’s Tetra / Hemigrammus ulreyi

Ulrey’s tetra, also known as broken-line tetra are found only in the Paraguay River Basin of Brazil. They are easily identified by the black horizontal stripe that runs through the tip of the nose through the eye and down to the tail, which is quite striking in a large school. Ulrey’s tetra are somewhat shy, and prefer a school of six or more individuals in a heavily planted tank.

Purple Emperor Tetra / Inpaichthys kerri

BlueEmperorTetra4Purple emperor tetra are prized for their brilliant purple coloration and exceptionally peaceful disposition. They are somewhat more demanding than some of the common tetra species, so should only be added to an established tank. Be sure to clean your tank regularly and maintain consistent water chemistry.

Spotted Splashing Tetra / Copella meinkeni

Spotted splashing tetra widespread in the Rio Trometas and Rio Negro of Brazil and Venezuela. They are known for their striking coloration and interesting behavior . Spotted splashing tetra prefer larger schools of eight or more, and spend much of their time in the top of the water column so enjoy long stemmed and/or floating plants. They’re prone to jumping, so should be housed in an aquarium with an adequate lid.

Yes, it is a very serious problem, one of many

by ghodaza

Caused by the importation of exotics as pets and their subsequent release in south florida.
The "walking catfish" is another. There are actually a whole bunch of problems with freshwater aquatic systems in florida but the "walking catfish" one is the only one that's caught the public's fancy at all (presumably because it is seen on land at times). There are literally dozens of exotic fish species that are problems, along with plants, snails, etc brought in by the tropical fish industry.
As fucked up as florida's terrestrial ecosystems are, they're in great shape compared to her freshwater aquatic ecosystems in at least parts of florida.

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