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Tropical Fish at the Maui Ocean Center at Ma'alaea

Saltwater fish, Maui Ocean CenterThe Maui Ocean Center has not only hundreds of individual fish, but also invertebrates, marine mammals and reptiles. The saltwater aquarium fish and marine tropical fish are located in 60 exhibits at the Maui Ocean Center. The center is located at 192 Maalaea Road in Wailuku.

The invertebrates at the Maui Ocean Center include moon jellies, octopus, oval squid, rice coral, sponges and at least 15 other kinds of invertebrates. Please have a look at the extensive list on the Maui Ocean Center’s website.

Saltwater fish, Maui Ocean Center in Ma'alaea, HawaiiThe center also has several kinds of whales and dolphins. These mammals are an amazing sight to see. There are spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals and the whales; huge and intelligent.

Did You Know This?

One of the smallest little creatures in one of the tropical fish tanks is the mo o lio. That is the Hawaiian name. He is also known as Fisher’s Seahorse. There are male and female seahorses and all are monogamous for at least one breeding season. Some are monogamous for life. Even more interesting than that, perhaps, is the fact that the males of all seahorse species become pregnant and give birth to a hundred or more baby seahorses.

You can read this information and much more at the Maui Ocean Center’s website.

I took all of these photographs during my last visit to the Maui Ocean Center. You can see the saltwater aquarium fish – all of the marine tropical fish – in the tropical fish tanks and tropical fish aquariums. Many of the exotic tropical fish species glide directly above the visitors’ heads. It's an eerie kind of wonderful. It’s a whole different world when you are looking at aquarium tropical fish – in other words, saltwater fish – from just a few feet from the creatures themselves.

Yes, it is a very serious problem, one of many

by ghodaza

Caused by the importation of exotics as pets and their subsequent release in south florida.
The "walking catfish" is another. There are actually a whole bunch of problems with freshwater aquatic systems in florida but the "walking catfish" one is the only one that's caught the public's fancy at all (presumably because it is seen on land at times). There are literally dozens of exotic fish species that are problems, along with plants, snails, etc brought in by the tropical fish industry.
As fucked up as florida's terrestrial ecosystems are, they're in great shape compared to her freshwater aquatic ecosystems in at least parts of florida.

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