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Fresh Water Aquarium: Beginner’s Guide

Fresh Water Aquarium: Beginner’s Guide One of the most soothing activities is bringing tropical fish species into your home. Keeping them in good health is an easy task if you have the know-how and the proper tools. There are some common mistakes rookies do, and when you know the basics most can be avoided.

Step 1: Set up the fresh water aquarium prior to bringing your tropical fish species home. A beginner’s aquarium should be equipped with a heater, gravel, nitrogen-cycle test kits, a filter, and necessary tools that will help you transfer your fish safely each time you want to clean the aquarium. Note that you need to change the water once a week and not longer than that if you want to avoid serious damage to your fish.

Step 2: Start with a 10 to20-gallon fish tank that you will fill with, small fish, to start. Once you get the hang of it, you can try tropical fish species and tanks that are bigger. A smaller sized fresh water aquarium will also save you money since it will need less cleaning and feeding. It will be easier to change the water at this size.

Step 3: Don’t get your fish at the same day you have purchased your aquarium because you will need to fill it with room-temperature water, wait for the nitrogen cycle to be completed and filter the water. All that takes time, but your fish can’t take it if they are kept in plastic bags waiting to be put into the tank. Stressed fish like that will mean unhealthy, or dead fish.

Step 4: Prepare the tank in phases in case you want many different species in your aquarium as each species changes the biological mode of the tank’s environment.
Step 5: Let the fish get accustomed to their new environment by just leaving them float inside their baggies on the aquariums surface. Once they got used to it just let them gently swim in the water and explore the environment.

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Feral animals running amok down there

by Oydman

As early as the 1940s, there was a flock of feral budgies in St. Petersburg. Several other species of parrots also colonize the state. Then there's the cane toads, walking catfish, various snakes, fish... pretty much anything that would look good in someone's aquarium and wound up dumped in the local drainage ditch for whatever reason.
Florida is fairly unique in that there are large parts of the state that are semi-tropical. Species that cannot handle extreme cold do well there. In other parts of the country, many tropical exotics like piranhas die off during winter.

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