Tropical Fish Illness Pictures

Angel With Strange Growth. Pics Included

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that is a very weird bubble..ive never seen such a thing.....i hope carol see's this thread!!
for ich, the temps need to be up to 84F to kill the ich cycle....and im concerned if you are slowly raising it to 66F, what do you keep it at normally? angels are tropical fish and require steady temps of 78-80F at all times....keep a good eye on them as well with the salt..they dont care for it ...good luck with them!

Hmmm it could be lymphocystis. I don't have personal experience with this disease. Here is a link you might want to compare photos. So sorry your fish is ill!
Disease Help - bumps/warts on angelfish
Best wishes for a full recovery.

Opps! That's a typo. I raised the temp to 86F. Normally the tank is at 79F. Sorry about that.

I've kept the salt dosage very low. Only 1tbs per 10 gal. And I've been keeping a close eye on them to make sure all is well.
Thanks for the link Ken. I'll check it out now and let you know.

I've looked at all the pics in the links. Plus I did my own google image search for "lymphocystis". Although my fish's bubble doesn't look exactly like the pictures, I believe that is what my Angel has. It's a viral infection that will eventually rupture and release the virus throughout the tank. As long as the other fish don't have any open wounds they should be fine. But, the virus can lay dormant for a long time. So, I am in the process of setting up a quarantine tank. (I have to go buy the whole setup). I should have it ready by next weekend. Hopefully the bubble doesn't rupture before then.
Wish me luck!

Hello GMC. Here is a link to a cheap, quick quarantine set up you may find helpful. At least give you an idea:

Best of luck! Please keep us posted.

Thanks for the link. That's basically what I had in mind. The only difference is that I will use a regular 10gal fish tank.

Just wanted to say that I enjoy all your posts

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Are you guys (who post pictures) the photographers, or do you find them on other sites to post here?
Saw Sinbad today, at a tropical fish store in Chatsworth. He'll be back there on Saturday to drop off his 9ft boa that they are going to sell for him. Couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar, so I said "You look so familiar..." and he replied that it's because he's always in the store. Then someone called his name from the back of the store and he laughed and said "Or maybe you've seen me somewhere else" Ha! I felt like an idiot, but at least I wasn't gushing at him or something equally annoying; we just talked snakes & reptiles while they finished my sale & his paperwork about the snake

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