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Discus Fish - Symphysodon aequifasciatus

DiscusThe Discus fish is known as the King of the Aquarium. Perhaps the most beautiful of all tropical fish, the Discus fish is also one of the more difficult tropical fish to keep and is not recommended for beginners. Discus require excellent water conditions, frequent water changes and higher water temperatures than most other tropical fish. Most successful keepers house their Discus in a species only tank because of the high water temperature requirement.

There are many color varieties of Discus to choose from with many more being introduced all the time. If you are interested in this fish, be prepared to spend some jack on this one of a kind tropical fish. If you're on the market to buy Discus, there are many online websites that specifically sell Discus. Shop around and get recommendations from others for good places to buy them.

Many fish keepers will only get the best available foods for this fish. Vitamin enriched flakes and live, frozen and freeze dried foods can be given.

Discus Pictures

Discus Fish

Scientific Name : Symphysodon aequifasciatus

Common Names : Many, due to color patterns: Cobalt Discus, Blue Discus, Blue Faced, Blue-Head, Red Thunder, Blue Red Turquoise, Marlboro Red, Pigeon Blood, Green, Brown, Snake Skin, Spotted Strawberry, the list goes on and on and on.

Discus Care Level : Moderate to Difficult, needs frequent partial water changes to keep water parameters at optimum levels.

Size : Up to 6 inches (15 cm)

pH : 5 - 7

Temperature : 80°F - 86°F (27°C - 30°C)

Water Hardness : 1° to 8° dH,

Life span : If well cared for, they can live for 10 years or more.

Origin / Habitat : Amazon River

Discus Temperament / Behavior : Very peaceful most of the time. They may become territorial when they pair off to breed.

Discus Breeding : Breeding them can be very difficult because of the pristine water conditions that they require.

Discus Tank Size : 30 gallon minimum, prefer tall aquariums

Discus Compatible Tank Mates : It is usually best to keep them in a species only tank because of their water requirements. The Cardinal tetra and Corydoras, Cory Cat are sometimes kept in tanks with them and make good tank mates.

Discus Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease - Diagnose, Symptoms and Treatment

Discus Diet / Foods : Prefer live foods but you may need to supplement with foods enriched with vitamins. Try to vary their diet for optimum health. There are foods made specifically for Discus.

Tank Region : Middle

Discus Gender : The genital papilla is pointed in male Discus, and rounded in females. You have to observe them when they are spawning.

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Saw Sinbad today, at a tropical fish store in Chatsworth. He'll be back there on Saturday to drop off his 9ft boa that they are going to sell for him. Couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar, so I said "You look so familiar..." and he replied that it's because he's always in the store. Then someone called his name from the back of the store and he laughed and said "Or maybe you've seen me somewhere else" Ha! I felt like an idiot, but at least I wasn't gushing at him or something equally annoying; we just talked snakes & reptiles while they finished my sale & his paperwork about the snake

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