Pictures of tropical fishes

How to Feed Tropical Fish (with Pictures)

  1. Know if your fish is vegetarian, carnivore, or both. This is important because if you give it something it either can't or won't eat, it can end up in a bad shape. If you don't know what it is, it would be better to ask your vet or search the Internet to find out.


  2. Know their diet.
    • If vegetarian: these are the main feeding items to give to your tropical vegetarian fish; Green food such as salad leaves, veggies, legumes etc. which these are good for providing vitamins and should be cut up in medium sized pieces to allow the fish to break it up themselves, Starchy food such as potatoes and cereal which provide carbohydrates and like the green foods, should be cut in medium sizes. Manufactured foods which are sold in local fish stores that can be as pellets, flakes, or tablets, and these are ready-to-serve.
    • If carnivore: Red meat should be served as a thin, chopped up slice or raw meat. White meat should be served cooked. Small live fish are usually sold at fish stores and you will only need to put them in the tank and your fish will eat them. Worms either live or freeze/dried. Brine shrimp. All of these foods are very rich in proteins.
    • If both: You won't have to worry about what you will need to feed it then, because it can eat anything that was mentioned above. Most tropical fish owners usually stick to the original manufactured foods, but it is always healthier to feed them food that they would actually eat if they weren't in captivity.
  3. When going to feed your fish; if possible, allow the food to float on top of the water, so that if they want to, they will come up and get it, instead of having to search through the ground. It if isn't possible, it is okay, and you can just drop the food either in a certain feeding area in the tank or anywhere in there.


  • Always consult a vet first instead of searching something on the Internet. Not everything you read is always accurate.
  • Dont touch the fish's water, but if you do, it would be best to wash your hands after in case of serious chemicals.

Just wanted to say that I enjoy all your posts

by 3DayEventer

Reading celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure... lol.
Are you guys (who post pictures) the photographers, or do you find them on other sites to post here?
Saw Sinbad today, at a tropical fish store in Chatsworth. He'll be back there on Saturday to drop off his 9ft boa that they are going to sell for him. Couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar, so I said "You look so familiar..." and he replied that it's because he's always in the store. Then someone called his name from the back of the store and he laughed and said "Or maybe you've seen me somewhere else" Ha! I felt like an idiot, but at least I wasn't gushing at him or something equally annoying; we just talked snakes & reptiles while they finished my sale & his paperwork about the snake

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