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Tropical Fish Encyclopedia is an application containing detailed information of 400+ common freshwater aquarium fish species commonly found in the aquarium trade. It contains a large collection of Barb, Cichild, Loach, Molly, Knifefish, Rainbowfish, Pearlfish, Discus, and many more species. It is by far the most complete and detailed Encyclopedia of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes available on the App Store. For most species of tropical fish included, the following information is available:

⊕ High Quality Photo
⊕ Common Name
⊕ Scientific Name
⊕ Classification
⊕ Size / Weight / Age
⊕ Preferred Environment
⊕ Climate / Range
⊕ Environment / pH Range
⊕ Distribution
⊕ Detailed Descriptions & Behavior
⊕ Biology Notes

The application is optimized for iPad, iPad2, iPhone4, iPhone 3G/3GS & iPod Touch.


This application has the following features:

⊕ User friendly interface to preview all fishes in one view
⊕ Ability to bookmark selected fish for easier reference
⊕ Cross-referencing links to other fishes
⊕ A tropical fish search engine
⊕ Offline browsing

This application is proudly presented by KK Red & Company LLC.

50% Promotional Sales! Limited Time Only!

Not what you want
by Brongher

As has been stated, the list is hardly exhaustive, many common and not so common fish aren't in here, which means if you want something to look up fish as you see them in the store, this isn't it.

The search function is only by common name, and only the one they selected, so if you see a fish that is included here, but it is labeled in the store by a different common name, or by its scientific name you're out of luck.

As has been pointed out in other reviews, the pictures are at the bottom of each entry, so if you're looking to ID a fish by sight you have to scroll down on every entry. Even if you're that patient, many of the pictures are of scientifically preserved specimens, and so are essentially useless.

The information provided in all entries is bare bones and dry.

So, if you have Internet access, in all cases you'll be better off googling a fish for a decent profile than you would be using this app.

If you don't have access to the internet, which is where I thought this app would be useful, you'll be lucky to find what you're looking for and even then what you find may not be helpful. You'll be better off waiting until you can get online or consulting a reputable guide book.

There's potential for 5 stars...
by JoshuaMurder

Just wanted to say that I enjoy all your posts

by 3DayEventer

Reading celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure... lol.
Are you guys (who post pictures) the photographers, or do you find them on other sites to post here?
Saw Sinbad today, at a tropical fish store in Chatsworth. He'll be back there on Saturday to drop off his 9ft boa that they are going to sell for him. Couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar, so I said "You look so familiar..." and he replied that it's because he's always in the store. Then someone called his name from the back of the store and he laughed and said "Or maybe you've seen me somewhere else" Ha! I felt like an idiot, but at least I wasn't gushing at him or something equally annoying; we just talked snakes & reptiles while they finished my sale & his paperwork about the snake

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