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This guy may be beautiful, but it also poses a distinct danger - to humans, other marine life, and the ecosystem of the Caribbean reef.

The red lionfish - Pterois volitans - has invaded the waters of Florida, The Bahamas, and the Caribbean in recent years, and it's causing a big problem. The invasion may be a result of pet owners releasing their aquarium specimens into the sea after tiring of them. In any event, it has become a BIG problem

Red Lionfish Vintage Print Photo Sculptures by SolPacifico


PROBLEM #1: Danger to Humans
Native to the Indo-Pacific reefs, the lionfish has venomous ray fins. The venom causes vomiting, fever and sweating. In rare cases, it's been fatal.

PROBLEM # 2: Danger to the Ecosystem
Because of their voracious appetites, rapid rate of reproduction, and the fact that they have no kown preditors in the Atlantic or Caribbean, they are literally eating up other creatures faster than those other creatures can reproduce. Scientists fear they may soon wipe out rmyotr species and upset the balance of the ecosystem. For example, the supply of grouper has diminished as the population of lionfish has expanded.

A number of countries, including the US, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and The Caymans, have authorized 'lionfish hunts, ' in an effort to stem their incredible population explosion. (The hunting is done by spearing them while scuba diving.)

Government and non governmental organizations are encouraging restaurants to add dishes featuring these edible invaders to their menus, hoping an increased demand may eventually lead to active harvesting of the troublesome species.

I would highly suggest...

by Asidi

... not giving/adopting them out to just anyone. Seahorse can be extremely difficult to take care of. You don't just feed them and walk off like most people do with other fish.
What species are they? Are they eating frozen foods or only taking live foods? Did you get them from a petstore or perhaps Ocean Rider online?
I have raised seahorses before, they are beautiful creatures.A friend of mine writes articles about them and their care for some of the tropical fish magazines. :)
I personally would love to see pictures of yours.

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