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Marina_360_new_boxWe have been talking about pets for a long while now, we have a lovely dog but the children want their own pet and I have wanted a bird for a while, but my husband has been somewhat resistant.

We recently (the boys decided) agreed on getting some fish, and as we have already had goldfish, we decided on tropical fish. We were offered the opportunity of reviewing an aquarium, and I decided on the Fluval Marina 360. It is a beautiful tank, compact and all the wires are at the back and put away neatly. The heater slots behind the filters, and is basically idiot proof in installation. (After all, I managed to do it!)

tank 1Here are the specs:

The Fluval Marina 360 Aquarium is a stunningly simple aquarium, but offers a desirable 360 degree view. Thanks to the unique circular design this 10 litre / 2.2 gallon aquarium is perfect for positioning anywhere in the home, or office.

As a plug-and-play aquarium the Fluval Marina 360 Aquarium includes almost everything you need to get started, including a built-in filtration system, with two removable ceramic filter cartridges. As the built-in filtration system is based at the back of the aquarium, it allows almost unobstructed 360 degree viewing of the aquarium. It also includes an advanced LED lighting system, with eight powerful LEDs, capable of simulating bright daylight and attractive blue moonlight.bob t also comes with 30ml of AquaPlus and 30ml of Cycle water conditioner.

Dimensions: 25.4 x 28cm / 10" x 11" (D x H)

At a glance:

10 litre / 2.2 gallon aquarium
360 degree view, circular design
Integrated filtration and two replaceable ceramic filter cartridges
LED lighting system with eight powerful LEDs
Three position switch: daylight, moonlight and off
Includes 30ml AquaPlus, 30ml Cycle

It has a night light which is a beautiful blue and a brighter light for day time, or the light can be off altogether. The boys like to have the relevant light on so that they can see the fish.

day light fish settling in night light

Most freshwater fish sold for aquaria are

by ibbica

*tropical* freshwater fish, so yes they need a heater to be happy.
Minnows are coldwater fish, mollies and dojo loaches are somewhat flexible in their temperature requirments, and neon tetras are tropical fish. Not really a tank I'd set up myself, as it's impossible to maintain the 'ideal' conditions for each species.
I'd suggest looking up the optimum conditions for each of your species, and probably split them into at least 2 separate tanks. Note that 'optimum' isn't the same as 'survivable'.

If nitrates are high, yes live

by ibbica

Plants should help. They don't work instantaneously, though...
Goldfish are very different from other freshwater fish, they need colder water (higher O2 content) and are FILTHY creatures (need lots of plants or other filtration).
pH going crazy stinks. Did you check your source (tap? well? rain?) water at all?
Brand new gravel may cause problems, if the beneficial (ammonia-eating and/or nitrite-eating) bacteria were living on the 'old' substrate.
What sort of filtration system do you use? Mechanical (sponge) or chemical (charcoal or other)?
Most plecos are tropical species, whereas goldfish are coldwater species. Temperature inconsistencies could cause problems as well.

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