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Although you might think that a small aquarium, a nano, is much easy to care, that's not true. A nano aquarium require much more attention than a big one, because changes in water quality, temperature, and fish stress levels become more pronounced in a nano aquarium. Here are top 10 tips by Drs. Foster & Smith to have a beautiful and healthy nano system.

1. Pick a kit. Get a foolproof aquarium kit with integrated filtration and lighting built-in. That way, every component is a perfect fit, and you'll just need to decide on an appropriate heater.

2. Place wisely. Though you may be tempted to position your compact aquarium on a desktop or office cabinet, remember that even a 12-gallon aquarium weighs over 120 lbs when filled! Invest in an appropriate aquarium stand that's built to bear the load and humidity.

3. Choose a theme. Focus your aquascaping and stocking plans around a specific region, species, or community grouping. This will make it easier to keep your water parameters on target for all inhabitants at once, and the familiar surroundings you provide - including shelter and breeding structures - will keep stress levels to a minimum.

4. Stock small & sparse. Avoid overpopulating your aquarium or you'll find water quality very difficult to keep viable. Also, when establishing a new system, introduce only a few fish at a time over several weeks - if not months. Select the smallest fish possible, building your community around a small school, one or two showcase fish, and a modest group of bottom cleaners.

5. Go live for natural filtration. Let nature work for your aquarium's health. For best results with minimum external filtration, avoid artificial plants and structures. Instead, consider live plants and eco-complete gravel for freshwater aquariums, and live rock or sand for your nano reef.

6. Brighten your eclipse. Many Eclipse System Twelve hobbyists who want to see even better results in plant or reef growth choose to upgrade the wattage of their hood lighting. Fortunately, retrofit kits built specifically for the task are easy to find and install.

7. Test/Observe daily. Small volume aquariums experience accelerated cycles in water quality, making daily testing and observation an absolute necessity. Fish behavior - gasping, hiding, drifting, or darting - is your best indicator of other "invisible" health dangers to be concerned about. Also, keep some 5-in-1 Quick Dip Strips near your aquarium for "ballpark" parameter checks. If some nitrate, nitrite, or pH levels concern you, zero-in on the problem with more accurate, pro-grade test kits.

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Feeder fish arent taken care of very well

by sibelover

Throughout their lives. They normally are kept all packed together and are under tremendous stress which in most cases causes them to get sick. I was told by a fish wholesaler not to put feeder fish in a tank with my fancy goldfish because they will stress out the other fish and transfer diseases. Plus goldfish creat so much ammonia that you cant keep as many in a tank as you can with tropical freshwater fish. I would only keep 2 in a 10 gallon no matter their size(within reason, obviously large goldfish need more room) and make sure they look healthy when you buy them, if they are laying on the bottom of the tank or are swimming funny dont get...

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