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Fish Tank Aquarium Plan of Action During Power Cut

power_cutShort power failures have almost no effect on an aquarium, but if your electricity is out for much longer it is worth taking measures to make sure that your fish are OK.

The largest problem that occurs during a power failure is not temperature, which will only change slightly, but the effect that is has on the beneficial bacteria (BB) in your filter and substrate. Without a continuous supply of oxygen created by water flowing through the filter the BB begin to slowly die, and won’t be able to process all of the fish waste products. If the power failure is only an hour or less, bacteria in the filter will likely quickly recover after the filter resumes running, but if the power is off for much longer than that it can create a significant problem. External hang on the back (HOB) filters which are exposed to air will degrade the slowest along with box filters that are in an aquarium. Sealed external canister filters degrade the quickest and are the slowest to recover their BB after a power failure due to them being sealed and a lack of oxygen until the electricity and water flow continues. If the power failure is longer than an hour the media in a sealed canister filter should be removed and placed in aquarium water. A bucket works well for this or even leaving the lid off of the canister filter. If you leave the lid off, make sure all the valves are closed, or the canister filter is elevated, so water does not siphon from the tank to the……floor!

During a power cut keep feeding levels to a minimum. No food at all is best, and keep an eye on water quality by doing water tests. You do have a test kit don’t you?
You want to make sure that ammonia stays at or extremely close to 0 ppm as well as nitrites. Nitrates should preferably be in the 0-10 ppm range. If you see any ammonia, any nitrites, or nitrates over 10 ppm do at least a 20% water change and check you readings again. Always use water of the same temperature as the aquarium when doing water changes and make sure it has been treated for chlorine or chloramines if they are present in your tap water. Give your aquarium at least 2 weeks to fully recover after a power failure and a month after an extended power cut. Monitor your tanks water daily during this time and make sure that ammonia and nitrites are at 0 ppm. If not, do daily water changes of at least 20% until readings have stabilized. Do not add ANY additional fish until your aquarium has fully recovered.

Ardea Wildlife Pets Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Silver dollar side view, tropical freshwater from Ardea Wildlife Pets
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  • Image Description Silver dollar side view, tropical freshwater BB-1105 Silver dollar side view, tropical freshwater Guyana Brazil Metynnis argenteus Brian Bevan...
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I found a gorgous setup at the petstore for salt

by spiffynikki1

Water, 35 gallon cube tank on a pretty cabinet stand, glass top, nice light, great filtration.........................................................................................................................................................
700 bucks. 8(. If I win the lottery I am getting a 220 gallon oscar tank, a 110 gallon freshwater tropical, anda 110 gallon saltwater setup.
yes my dream is fish. How sad am I?

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