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SuppliesMost aquarium questions pertain to similar things whether the tank is a freshwater or a saltwater setup. What should the temperature be kept at? ?hydrometer ill link them.

What should the temperature be kept at in my aquarium?

The majority of aquariums kept in a house or place of business are considered tropical, freshwater or saltwater, and the average temperature is usually between 73˚ and 82˚ Fahrenheit. There are some cases, reefs in particular, where a temperature of 82˚ will be too high for the invertebrates. Also, many experienced aquarists may try their luck with freshwater fish like trout or deep-water saltwater fish like pinecones that will require a chiller to get the tank temperature low enough for the fish to thrive.

What type of lighting is needed in the type of tank I have?

The truth is most fish will do ok with very little light of even in some cases just the ambient light in the surrounding room. Having said that, the type of tank that you choose and whether it has live plants in freshwater or anemones and invertebrates in saltwater will determine the lighting that you will require for you aquarium. These links, lighting for aquariums and saltwater tank lights, may be able to help you determine what your needs are.

What is pH and at what level should it be maintained?

Briefly, because it’s kind of boring, pH is a measure of the effect acidity or alkalinity has on a solution (water in this case). Pure water has a pH value of 7 on a scale from 0 to 14. As the scale approaches 0 the solution is more acidic and as it rises towards 14 it is said to be more alkaline or basic. Most aquarium shops have pH test kits available. The vast majority of freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby will be kept somewhere above 6.5 to as high as 8.2. In saltwater that pH level increases to 7.8 to 8.5 or there bouts.

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I found a gorgous setup at the petstore for salt

by spiffynikki1

Water, 35 gallon cube tank on a pretty cabinet stand, glass top, nice light, great filtration.........................................................................................................................................................
700 bucks. 8(. If I win the lottery I am getting a 220 gallon oscar tank, a 110 gallon freshwater tropical, anda 110 gallon saltwater setup.
yes my dream is fish. How sad am I?

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