Freshwater Tropical Fish for Beginners

SOMETHING FISHY: A beginner’s guide to keeping tropical fish

Pearl Gourami - Freshwater Tropical Fish ProfilesEveryone should have a pet. Some people may be put off by the idea of having to clean up poop or be woken up by loud squawking every day, but your choice of pet doesn’t necessarily have to be something cuddly that you can play catch with or teach to talk.

are a great alternative. Not only are fish therapeutically pleasing and interesting animals, but they can be very easy to look after. You may consider pet fish as boring, but you would be amazed at the variety, colours and characters inherent in tropical fish.

I have been keeping freshwater tropical fish since my childhood years and have learned a great deal regarding what to get and how to look after a great array of fishy friends.

Tropical Fish Care: Starting off

Black Moor Goldfish - Freshwater Tropical FishIf you wish to invest in your first tropical fish tank it’s a good idea to go large. Starting off small is not necessarily easier and once you get into such a hobby (and your fish grow) you will want to upgrade. This can be a mission and comes at a cost.

Invest in a large, rectangular shaped tank (100 liters is a good volume) and first ensure that you have a good place to house it. A fish tank stand is a good idea but ensure that the tank will rest at a comfortable eye-level.

It is also important to keep your tank away from direct sunlight as this will encourage rapid algae growth. You don’t want to have to scrap away algae in order to have a good look at who is inside.

ghost knife fish - Freshwater Tropical FishKeep your setup as varied as possible. It’s best to have sections of both soft and gravel substrate. Keep your tank well planted and create lots of hiding places. Add caves, tubes and rock tunnels and decorate as you see fit.

Tropical Fish Care: The Nitrogen Cycle

In technical terms, the Nitrogen Cycle process is called "nitrification", which is the oxidation of nitrogen by bacteria. It takes time for a new aquarium to balance by removing all of the waste material (ammonia) and reducing it to a less toxic substance (nitrate). Fortunately, dechlorinating tap water is as easy as adding a few drops of dechlorinating solution and takes mere seconds to get to work.

Sustainable Reef Fish Collecting


When: Friday, May 21, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m. Where: IHOP, 1001 E 17th St, Santa Ana CA 92701-2546 To learn more about SCMAS: Guest Speaker: Ret Talbot Ret Talbot is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer who frequently reports on the marine aquarium industry. Most often addressing topics at the intersection of the hobby, science and conservation, Talbot is a strong advocate for a robust and sustainable marine aquarium trade where aquarists serve a critical role on the front line of reef conservation. As a marketing consultant and editor, he has worked with many leading marine aquarium companies to promote that vision

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