Freshwater Tropical fish Documentary

Tropical Freshwater fish in the wild videos?

I was wondering if anyone here knows of a website where you can watch documentaries or movies about freshwater fish in their natural habitat?

I was on youtube last night and i found a couple of movies/documentaries about Malawi & Tanganyika Cichlids and another video that had some freshwater fish from the Amazon (Discus, Tetras etc..) It awesome watching the Cichlids in their natural enviroment. I do not own any Cichlids but after watching them on you tube last night they impressed so much i want to set up a Cichlid only tank.

I tried searching for some video footage of the indonesian fresh water fish like the clown loaches, tiger barbs, and red tail sharks but i couldn't find any. If anyone knows where to find these videos please post the links in this thread.

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