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In this section of AC Tropical Fish, you will find information about all kinds of marine aquariums and the creatures that inhabit them. In addition to both rare and commonly kept species of marine aquarium fish you can find information about a long row of other maritime beings that can be kept in aquaria – perhaps you wish to try keeping sea anemones, jellyfish or an octopus?

For many fish groups, such as angelfish, blennies, pufferfish, and seahorses, we have special sections with detailed articles about popular as well as more unusual species. We also have sections about stationary creatures like corals, gorgonians, and sea anemones, as well as sections focused on mobile invertebrates such as nudibranchs, sea stars, snails, and shrimps. Last but not least, we have included a section focused on all the different types of equipment that is utilized by marine aquarists.

If you fail to locate a particular fish species in one of the article sections, take a look in the tropical marine fish database instead; it contains brief information on numerous species.

The tradition of keeping marine creatures in tanks goes back to at least the Ancient Romans who liked to gather beautiful anemones form the Mediterranean Sea and place them in jars as decoration. They did however fail to keep their anemones alive for any considerable amount of time and the jars had to be constantly refilled with new anemones from the sea. Today, a devoted aquarist can keep an anemone alive for many years in the aquarium.

The main reason why so many aquarists decide to spend the extra time, money and efforts that a saltwater aquarium require is that a saltwater aquarium can house a wide range of animals that you could never keep in a freshwater aquarium. It will for instance be possible for you to keep vibrantly coloured marine fish species like clownfish, wrasses, anthias and the so called marine betta. A saltwater aquarium can also be filled with live corals, anemones, sponges, worms and so on. In the saltwater aquariums of advanced aquarists you can even find jellyfish, octopus and other large invertebrates.

Is a marine aquarium difficult to maintain?

Keeping a marine aquarium is typically more difficult than keeping a basic freshwater aquarium. There are naturally exceptions to this rule, some aquarists have freshwater aquariums that contain species that are extremely hard to keep and breed in captivity. It is also possible to create a basic saltwater aquarium that beginner aquarists can handle, as long as you are prepared to gather a lot of information and develop your knowledge on the subject before you set up the aquarium. Even advanced freshwater aquarists should read through the guidelines before they create a saltwater aquarium, since the ecology of a marine aquarium differs a lot from that of a freshwater aquarium.

The immense size of the ocean makes rapid changes in water quality, temperature etcetera unusual and saltwater species are therefore less resilient to rapid changes. Creating a stable environment in your saltwater aquarium is therefore one of the key factors behind successful marine fish keeping. Before setting up a marine aquarium you should definitely invest in a test-kit that will allow you to keep an eye on ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH-value / alkalinity, and water hardness. A fish species that inhabits a small puddle on the African savannah is usually very well adapted to withstand rapid changes, while marine fish species can die if the water temperature or chemistry of your aquarium alters quickly, even when the change is comparatively small. Vigorous filtration is therefore necessary, and you should combine mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. It is also important to avoid over feeding and uneaten food must be removed as soon as possible. A saltwater aquarium should ideally be at least 200 litres (55 gallons) since the large water mass will dilute potentially harmful compounds and keep the environment more stable.

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When: Friday, May 21, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m. Where: IHOP, 1001 E 17th St, Santa Ana CA 92701-2546 To learn more about SCMAS: Guest Speaker: Ret Talbot Ret Talbot is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer who frequently reports on the marine aquarium industry. Most often addressing topics at the intersection of the hobby, science and conservation, Talbot is a strong advocate for a robust and sustainable marine aquarium trade where aquarists serve a critical role on the front line of reef conservation. As a marketing consultant and editor, he has worked with many leading marine aquarium companies to promote that vision

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