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How to Care for African Cichlid Fish in Your Aquarium

Here you can get help raising and caring for African Cichlid aquarium fish. African cichlids are among one of the more temperamental freshwater fish. They are not as easy to care for as other fish just because of the environment where they originate from and their aggressive tendencies. But their a lot better than a silly bird or those stinky ferrets. They are amazing fish that exhibit all the color that you would expect out of a saltwater tank without the high level off difficulty to maintain. Like the Jack Dempsey cichlid, they truly are a fish for the expert and beginner.

African Cichlids are different than any other fish in the world. They may have close relatives from South America but they are unique to the world. Cichlids come from five high elevation lakes in the mountains of Africa. Filled with rocks and having a mineral content that would make it hard for any other fish to breathe. These fish require a high temperature tank of around 76 degrees Fahrenheit and are very fickle about the pH of the water that they are in. Meaning that cichlids tanks should be monitored closely for three very specific things. Mineral content or water hardness, pH, and lastly temperature.

Research the Right Setup for Your African Cichlids

Once you are aware of these requirements you are ready to decide what cichlids you want. Don’t rush off to the pet store because unless it is a specialty shop they won’t know what you need. You need to look at the cichlids you want and decide which of the five lakes you are going to choose from. Why do this? Because each lake has a different pH and water hardness. You may find that your choices become a bit limited but don’t worry about it. There are many colorful cichlids in each of the lakes that you are sure to find some that you are content with. Also you can risk mixing species from a lake that is close to another in specifications. Just be aware that you are taking a risk.

Caring for African Cichlids Needs

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OT-Freshwater aquarium advice

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I asked in here before about an aquarium and I got some pretty good advice, so I hope you all don't mind my asking again.
I bought an aquarium tonight. I didn't realize a freshwater aquarium had to cycle, I thought it was only salt water aquariums. So now I have a betta fish in a tiny little tub that needs a home and I'm afraid of killing him!
I have a live bamboo plant in the aquarium from petco. Can I put my betta in tomorrow, and monitor the ammonia levels, and do water changes if it gets too high? How else can I cycle it if I don't put the betta in there? Shouldn't the live plant help/have good bacteria?
If I can't put the betta in there tomorrow, and I should cycle with a dead shrimp or something can I keep the betta alive in the little tub while the tank...

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