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Freshwater aquarium fish like goldfish make great pets, but it’s important to set up the right environment for your finned friend’s new home. We’ll help you prepare for your fish’s new life with your family so that things go swimmingly for both of you.

When you're ready to bring your new fish home, it's important to know what water temperature, food, filters, and other essential items are needed to give your fish a happy, healthy life. A plain, empty bowl simply won't suffice. And remember—wild fish should never be caught and kept as pets.

  • Make sure your fish's tank is more than just a bowl. istockphoto

Fish need room to swim—would you be happy living in a tiny bowl? Learn what size and type of tanks work best for fish friends.

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OT-Freshwater aquarium advice

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I asked in here before about an aquarium and I got some pretty good advice, so I hope you all don't mind my asking again.
I bought an aquarium tonight. I didn't realize a freshwater aquarium had to cycle, I thought it was only salt water aquariums. So now I have a betta fish in a tiny little tub that needs a home and I'm afraid of killing him!
I have a live bamboo plant in the aquarium from petco. Can I put my betta in tomorrow, and monitor the ammonia levels, and do water changes if it gets too high? How else can I cycle it if I don't put the betta in there? Shouldn't the live plant help/have good bacteria?
If I can't put the betta in there tomorrow, and I should cycle with a dead shrimp or something can I keep the betta alive in the little tub while the tank...

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  • For any queries regarding this image of WAT-8856 Red-bellied Piranha - group underwater please contact Ardea Wildlife Pets quoting Reference 3761770
  • Image of WAT-8856 Red-bellied Piranha - group underwater is supplied by Ardea Wildlife Pets. (c) M.Watson/ardea
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