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SOMETHING FISHY: Freshwater Tropical Fish Profiles: Cichlids

Dwarf Gourami - Freshwater Tropical Fish ProfilesCichlids are a freshwater tropical fish species that belong to the family Cichlidae. Some of the most well-known cichlid species are Angelfish, Gouramis, Oscars, and Discus fish. Cichlids are part of an extremely diverse family and inhabit a multitude of different environments. They can also vary significantly when it comes to size, temperament, feeding habits, preferred water quality, etc.

Cichlids live in fresh, brackish waters (mostly in large lakes) and can be divided into three main groups: African cichlids, Central and North American cichlids, and South American cichlids. Cichlids are efficient feeders that capture and process a very wide variety of foods, which is thought to be one of the reasons why they are so diverse. There are now more than 2000 described cichlid species and this number is on the rise.

Angelfish - Freshwater Tropical Fish ProfilesEven though different cichlid species look and act very differently, they all share some common characteristics. Cichlids have a single nostril on each side of the forehead (instead of two) and have teeth in both the upper and the lower jaw – and in the throat! Here are a few popular cichlids.

Freshwater Tropical Fish Profiles: Dwarf Gourami

  • Size: 8cm (3 inches)
  • Life span: 3 – 4 years
  • Temperature: 25°C – 28°C
  • Tank Region: Middle to top
  • Origin/Habitat: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
  • Breeding: Can be difficult. They build bubble nests for their eggs.
  • Temperament: Mostly peaceful and hardy. Good fish for beginners.
  • Diet: Will eat flakes, freeze dried and live foods. Best to vary their diet.
  • Gender: Easy to determine. The male is more colorful while females are usually more gray in colour.

Originating in the warm waters of India, the Dwarf Gourami is not only beautiful but can be particularly hardy as well. They are generally peaceful creatures and make a great addition to a fully cycled community tank and are easy to care for.

Some do, some don't... some bettas are more

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Aggressive than others, and will attack anything that even remotely resembles another betta (bright colour, long fins... even a finger pointing at him!). Others are totally cool with just about anything but the brightest red/blue long-finned male bettas.
Generally, most (but not all!) bettas will be OK in a tropical freshwater community tank with either very dull fish (I used to have one who loved to hang out with a school of bronze corycats...) and/or very fast/agile fish that can outswim the betta... but not other fast & agressive fish who will nip at the relatively slow-moving betta's fins

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Ardea Wildlife Pets Photo Mug of Dwarf Gourami - side view from Ardea Wildlife Pets
Kitchen (Ardea Wildlife Pets)
  • PHOTO MUG This Photo Mug features an image of Dwarf Gourami - side view chosen by Ardea Wildlife Pets. Estimated image size 120x80mm.
  • 11oz White ceramic coffee mug. Image printed using sublimation ink process. Microwave, dishwasher safe
  • Image Description Dwarf Gourami - side view BB-902 Dwarf Gourami - side view Distribution freshwater Asia, tropical Colisa lalia Brian Bevan Please note that prints...
  • For any queries regarding this image please contact Ardea Wildlife Pets quoting Reference 1292316
  • Image supplied and selected by Ardea Wildlife Pets. (c) Brian Bevan/ardea
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