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Our discus fish are from Vietnam so that we mainly feed them foods which are from the nature. Their daily main food is Blood Worms, both frozen and fresh (see the sample photo), and we feed them twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon at 4:00pm. Our blood worms are different from the ones in China. Ours are very small and we catch them from the nature. If you are in Asia, we can ship fresh ones to you. To long distance countries like U.S.A, EU countries, Canada, we usually ship frozen ones in tablets.

The other food is fresh beef livers. Beef livers help darken the colors of the fish, especially good for red Marlboro, golden discus, and super red discus. We grind livers and feed 2 coffee spoons for each tank of 15 discus 3”. And we do this 3 times a week.

Some do, some don't... some bettas are more

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Aggressive than others, and will attack anything that even remotely resembles another betta (bright colour, long fins... even a finger pointing at him!). Others are totally cool with just about anything but the brightest red/blue long-finned male bettas.
Generally, most (but not all!) bettas will be OK in a tropical freshwater community tank with either very dull fish (I used to have one who loved to hang out with a school of bronze corycats...) and/or very fast/agile fish that can outswim the betta... but not other fast & agressive fish who will nip at the relatively slow-moving betta's fins

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