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So, after Googling various fish forums, I took a jaunt up to Blue Reef to ask for advice, equipped with photos of the fish and its offending fuzz. I'm an experienced fish owner, so I was really expecting to talk to the fish professionals.

But, despite being very kind and personable, I was surprised that the guy at the counter turned to his laptop and googled the fish symptoms!

That sorta surprised me. But, whatever.

My boyfriend says I should cut him some slack (and I do, I mean, he did help and this is a 4 star review). But call me crazy, when I go to the butcher, I expect the guy to know about steaks. When I go to the specialty fish shop, I expect the guy to know more than I do about it.


by yesterday

- 10 year old girl tuxedo cat named Frankie. I luuurve my baby. I've had her for seven years.
- 1-2 year old girl tortise shell cat named Willow. She's cute. We've only had her for a couple of months.
- a blue and white little budgie (parakeet) with non clipped wings named Apollo
- a little green and yellow budgie named Clover. The birds live together in the same cage. They're really cute together.
- a betta fish named Tori Amos
- a 10gal freshwater aquarium with a few goldfish
- a 10gal tropical aquarium for tetras and other fish. Good kids.

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