Best freshwater tropical fish to keep

How to Set up a Tropical Freshwater Aquarium

  1. Before you get your aquarium, choose a place to put it. Remember that wherever you place it needs to be able to support the weight.


  2. Also bear in mind the temperature of the location.
  3. Set your aquarium up. Place it securely in its new home, and if possible check to make sure it is level. Remember, unless it is a very small tank, once it is full you should never attempt to move it. Moving a tank with water in it can lead to disaster.
  4. Rinse your gravel/substrate. If you plan on using live plants, consider researching what substrate is best to use. Remember, some fish have specific requirements on what substrate/gravel they need. You will need approximately 250g of gravel per liter of tank (depending on your setup). It is important to have enough gravel as gravel is a place for good bacteria to grow (more on those later). You will want to rinse your gravel well before placing it in a tank to remove dust and debris from travel. If using an undergravel filtration system install this now. Scoop the gravel into your tank slowly so you do not damage or scratch the glass. Generally it is best to create a gentle slope of gravel; deepest in the back and most shallow in the front.
  5. Water time! Place a small, clean dish on the gravel floor of the aquarium, and pour water into this dish if you wish to avoid displacing the gravel. If you are a beginner fish keeper, it will be easiest for you to use tap water.
  6. Add de-chlorinator (a liquid that will render your tap water safe for fish to live in it, it removes the chlorine. Good brands will also remove chlorine, ammonia, and nitrite). Be sure to follow the instructions on the package.
  7. Add your decorations. Remember to use only safe decor for a freshwater aquarium. Not all rock types are safe for freshwater aquariums- research or ask your local fish shop what their recommendation is. Consider what species you are going to keep- decor for an aquarium full of African Cichlids would be different than for goldfish, for example.
  8. Attach your filter. Each filter is different so be sure to follow instructions. Once it is hooked up properly, you may plug it in and ensure that it operates properly. If you are using a canister style filter, consider attaching the spray bar so that it agitates (creates ripples) on the surface of the water. This will help dissolve oxygen for your fish. All other types of filters should normally agitate the water.
  9. Place your heater into the tank. Follow instructions carefully! Some heaters are fully submersible...

Pets stores are generally full of

by Rain_Girl

Diseases and you will end up with problems. I worked for one for several years and I've had many many fish tanks of all kinds.
You can get a tank anywhere and clean it with a vinegar and water solution and rinse well. Glass is good for freshwater and acrylic is good for saltwater.
As for fish, go on google and look up the types of fish you're interested in (goldfish, tropical, cichlids, saltwater, etc) and find clubs or message boards where you can ask about a reputable store to purchase from.

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